Where Should We FIGHT in 2019?

On January 8th the 2019 session of the Minnesota State Legislature kicked off in St Paul and already, you and I are in the fight of our lives! I had been working for days leading up to the start of session, talking with insiders as we finalized our legislative goals and targets for the year, along with finalizing the budget we will need to be effective. But I have to

Help Us Get Ready!

Thanks to the support of Minnesota Gun Rights’ members and supporters across this state, you and I had a good deal of success this legislative session. It wasn’t all good news, of course. The Minnesota House Leadership killed Constitutional Carry and failed to move on Stand-Your-Ground before the summer break. But in addition to standing strong against new gun control schemes, your action forcing passage of Stand-Your-Ground through the Rules

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As a supporter of Minnesota Gun Rights, I wanted you to be one of the first to know that we recently received a shipment of 50,000 of our window decals! What’s more, we are giving them away to as many Minnesotans as we can — absolutely free! All you have to do to receive your decal is click on the link below and sign up, and we will mail it

2017 Gun Rights Legislative Wrap Up - Part 3

(This is the third and final installment of our legislative wrap up series. If you missed the first two segments, you can find it by scrolling to the bottom of this email.) The Fight Is On For Stand-Your-Ground As you read in part two of our series, House “leadership” gave the order to kill Constitutional Carry in the House Public Safety Committee back in March. But thanks to an enormous

2017 Gun Rights Legislative Wrap Up - Part 2

(This is the second part of our 2017 legislative wrap-up series. If you missed the first part, you can find it by scrolling to the bottom of this email.) Part Two: Constitutional Carry Law Heats Up Once the 2017 legislative session gaveled in, Minnesota Gun Rights worked with newly elected Representative Cal Bahr to introduce House File 309, Constitutional Carry. And then we turned to you, grassroots gun owners across

2017 Gun Rights Legislative Wrap Up - Part 1

As the dust settles on the close of the 2017 legislative session, it’s a great time to look back and see what was accomplished in our fight to defend and advance the Second Amendment here in Minnesota. Obviously, we got Constitutional Carry introduced and went to war for Stand-Your-Ground law and a whole lot more — but that didn’t just happen on its own! In this three part series, we’re

Burn 'em down!

At midnight tonight the 2017 session of the Minnesota Legislature will adjourn. That means you have just a few more hours to burn down your Rep’s phone line and DEMAND they bring Stand-Your-Ground to the House floor for a vote, even in this final hour. To find out who represents you – Go Here. MGR staff is headed to the capitol today to make sure that everything that can be

I Need You To Make A Call Right Away!

We are almost out of time. The legislature adjourns in just 3 days, and House Leadership is digging in its heels and refusing to pass Stand-Your-Ground law. If we’re going to see HF238 passed out of the House this session, we need all hands on deck! Insiders are telling us that the legislature may hold floor session on Saturday and Sunday this week in order to “get their work done

Smoke and Mirrors in St. Paul!

You’re not going to believe this. I just got off the phone with Speaker Daudt’s office and I’m afraid I have some alarming news for you. While I was not able to get the Speaker on the phone, I did ask his spokesperson why on earth Stand-Your-Ground isn’t being scheduled for a vote in the House? Instead of giving a straight answer, the Speaker’s staff went on and on about

Site, Stand-Your-Ground is on the brink!

The clock is running out fast and the legislature just isn’t getting the message. As you know, Minnesota Gun Rights relies on grassroots pressure to advance or defeat legislation in the Capitol and to hold legislators accountable at election time. With your help, anti-gun incumbents like Rod Skoe, Lyle Koenen, Will Morgan and many more have been booted from office by mobilized gun owners over the past few election cycles.