Federal Legislation

Nine State Gun Rights Organizations Oppose National Reciprocity in Its Current Form!

Contact: Benjamin Dorr Contact: 952.451.6115 Email: politicaldirector@minnesotagunrights.org On election night in 2016, gun owners saw their dreams come true as Hillary Clinton was defeated and President Trump was elected, thanks in no small measure to the tireless efforts of grassroots gun owners. After eight years of fighting with President Obama’s Administration to defend our gun rights, many gun owners assumed that 2017-2020 would be our chance to go on the offense in Washington D.C.

Feinstein/Cornyn Gun Control Bill Introduced!

When Hillary Clinton lost her election over a year ago to President Donald Trump, you may have assumed that our gun rights were secure for the foreseeable future. Maybe you thought that we could finally pass some pro-gun bills in D.C. for a change. But that was before the Las Vegas and Texas shootings. As the demand for gun control reaches a fevered pitch, Republican Senator John Cornyn (TX) teamed

Congress: Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum Sponsor Federal "Gun Buyback" Gun-Control

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison and Congresswoman Betty McCollum have introduced a gun-control bill in Congress called the “Safer Streets Act,” and they need to hear from you right away. More on that in a minute. Minnesota Gun Rights is busy day-in and day-out building the grassroots groundswell of support we need to pass critical and substantive pro-gun legislation in Minnesota. That includes important self-defense legislation like Stand-Your-Ground law. We believe,

Tim Walz on the Second Amendment: A Mystery Wrapped in Confusion

October 16, 2014 In the wake of the horrific Newtown tragedy in late 2012, Second Amendment supporters stood up and stopped the biggest assault on our gun rights in a generation. But it was a very close call. In fact, the gun-grabbers now believe they’re just one election away from RAMMING their entire anti-gun agenda into law! And I’m afraid — with BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist and former New York City