2018 Gun Rights Pre-Primary Candidate Survey

Welcome to the 2018 Minnesota Gun Rights Pre-Primary Survey Results Page.

We surveyed candidates running for the Minnesota House in the 2018 election cycle and asked them all the 8 questions listed below.

Each candidate was clearly informed that a failure to return the 2018 Minnesota Gun Rights survey or refusal to answer particular questions would be graded as an anti-gun position.

Gun owners are situated to make a huge impact by making knowledgeable choices in the primary process.  To find out what district you live in, please click HERE.

Knowing which district you live in will enable you to scroll through the results below to find out where you candidates stand on our Second Amendment.


-- Ben Dorr


Republican Ticket
- Tim Pawlenty: Publicly speaks in favor of banning bump-stocks, in favor of "Mental Health" gun control and "strengthening background checks", No Survey Returned, REFUSES to fill out the Minnesota Gun Rights Candidate Survey.
- Jeff Johnson: Candidate Survey Returned, all 8 questions answered correctly, promising to be 100% Pro-Gun, AND filled out the MGR Leadership Pledge 100%.

Democrat Ticket
- Lori Swanson: No Survey Returned
- Tim Walz: No Survey Returned
- Erin Murphy: No Survey Returned

Survey Questions

  1. Anti-gun organizations, often funded with out-of-state resources from Michael Bloomberg, have been clamoring for legislation to end all private party firearms transfers in Minnesota unless they submit to a federal NCIC check, thereby adding themselves and the firearm to a federal list. As we’ve seen, this legislation does little to stop crime but creates statewide databases of gun owners – which can be used against gun owners later.

If elected, would you OPPOSE “Universal Gun Registration” legislation that would ban all private party sales and makes criminals out of Minnesota gun owners who want to pass on family firearms to their children and grandchildren – and create a database of gun owners at the same time?

Yes­­­_____                    No______

  1. Mental health has become a back door for gun control by expanding the criteria for voluntary and involuntary mental health commitments, adding more and more people to the NCIC ‘prohibited persons’ list, often without due process and full adjudication by a court of law. Once a person’s name is placed on this list, it is virtually impossible to have it removed. In most cases this legislation, commonly referred to as ‘Red Flag Orders,’ would allow someone who has never even been convicted of a crime to have their gun rights arbitrarily taken away!

If elected, would you OPPOSE ‘Red Flag Orders’ and similar legislation that would deny law abiding Minnesota citizens their gun rights without due process through a court of law and without ever having been adjudicated as defective or convicted?

Yes­­­_____                      No______

  1. Various state legislatures have already passed legislation that would ban all gun rights from American citizens between the ages of 18-20. In addition, many lawmakers at the state and federal level are publicly calling for this legislation to be enacted at the state level nationwide!  This, despite the fact that these are law abiding citizens that can serve in the military, pay taxes, get married, have careers and enjoy every other aspect of being a legal adult.

If elected, would you OPPOSE legislation that would leave American citizens between the ages of 18-20 defenseless and unable to buy a firearm for self-defense? 

Yes _____                       No _____

  1. In the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting, anti-gun lawmakers, the media, and Bloomberg funded activists have been screaming for a complete ban of the AR-15 (and their standard 30-round magazine) and hundreds of related firearms all because of a variety of cosmetic features.  Legislation has been introduced to ban these firearms in Washington, D.C., and lawmakers here in Minnesota have talked about introducing similar legislation. This, despite the fact that all semi-automatic firearms function essentially the same way.

If elected, would you OPPOSE legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms and/or large-capacity magazines, recognizing that these restrictions do nothing to stop crime but only serve to harass gun owners?

Yes _____                 No _____

  1. Gun control activists have long desired a mandatory 3-day waiting period before law abiding citizens would be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment freedoms and purchase a firearm for self-defense. This, despite the fact that the madmen in some of the worst mass shootings in America, like the one at Virginia Tech or the nightclub in Florida, purchased their guns AFTER submitting to these waiting periods. Of course, these waiting periods do nothing to stop violent crime and only leave law abiding citizens vulnerable during times where they need a firearm the most.

If elected, would you OPPOSE any legislation that would place unconstitutional waiting periods limiting when a law-abiding citizen in Minnesota could purchase a firearm for self-defense?

Yes _____                 No _____

  1. Constitutional Carry recognizes that every law-abiding citizen has the right to carry a gun, openly or concealed, for any reason they want to, except to commit a crime. Thus, with no government bureaucracy or license, Minnesota citizens could defend themselves, and criminals who use firearms to commit crimes are severely punished. This is the law in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, West Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota, New Hampshire and most of Montana.  If passed in Minnesota, this law will allow thousands of people the right to carry a firearm for any lawful purpose with no additional paperwork or fees.

Would you support Constitutional Carry legislation, which would allow all law-abiding Minnesota citizens the right to carry a weapon, either concealed or openly, without having to first obtain government permission and be added to a list, as is done in several other states?

Sponsor________          Cosponsor________           No________

  1. Stand-Your-Ground law, already on the books in 36 states, simply removes the duty to retreat before an individual can defend themselves from a violent attacker in public places, the same way we don’t have to retreat when attacked in our homes, businesses, or vehicles. The bill provides an enactment clause, establishes a threatened use of force to allow for tactical retreat from a deadly situation, and states that you can’t be civilly sued or criminally charged if a burden of proof cannot be met.

Would you support Stand-Your-Ground legislation that allows Minnesota citizens to defend themselves, with force if necessary, from violent criminal attacks that occur in public places without having to retreat, as well as ensuring that they can’t be bankrupted by expensive or frivolous lawsuits?

Sponsor________          Cosponsor________           No________

  1. Most mass shootings happen in so-called “Gun-Free” areas where law-abiding citizens are forced to disarm, which quite literally has resulted in violent criminals targeting these sites. This prevents otherwise law-abiding citizens from defending themselves, their loved ones and innocent citizens around them.

If elected, would you support legislation to eliminate restrictions on law-abiding gun owners from carrying a firearm in certain so-called “Gun-Free” areas, otherwise known as “Criminal Safe Zones?”

Sponsor________          Cosponsor________           No________

The Results Received back from Primary Candidates

Party Chamber District Name Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Email Phone
R House 1A Dan Fabian dfabian@mncable.net 2182303975
DFL House 1A Stephen Moeller stephen.moellerfor1a@gmail.com 2186817481
DFL House 1B Brent Lindstrom info@brentlindstrom.org 2182304609
R House 1B Debra Kiel kielfor1b@gmail.com 2182801452
R House 2A Matthew Grossell grossellforhouse@gmail.com 2182097661
DFL House 2A Michael Northbird northbirdformn2a@gmail.com 2182596575
DFL House 2B Karen Branden karenbrandenmnhouse@gmail.com 2188472699
R House 2B Steve Green stevegreenfor2B@gmail.com 2182808042
R House 3A Randy Goutermont randygoutermont@yahoo.com 2183919147
DFL House 3A Rob Ecklund 2183416133
DFL House 3B Mary Murphy 2187296399
R House 3B Keith MacDonald 2183488883
R House 4A Jordan Idso idso.jordan@gmail.com 2183297447
DFL House 4A Ben Lien lienforhouse@gmail.com 2184434813
DFL House 4B Paul Marquart pmarquart09@hotmail.com 2182339200
R House 4B Jason Peterson 7632186252
R House 5A Matt Bliss Matt_Bliss@hotmail.com 2187665267
DFL House 5A John Persell persells@paulbunyan.net 2187512770
DFL House 5B Pat Medure pmedure9016@gmail.com 2182441122
R House 5B Sandy Layman votesandylayman@gmail.com 2182594180
R House 6A Guy Anderson Y Y Y Y Y Cosponsor Cosponsor Cosponsor 2182513334
DFL House 6A Julie Sandstede julie4house@gmail.com 2182623921
DFL House 6B Dave Lislegard lislegardforhouse6b@gmail.com 2183437965
DFL House 6B Shaun Hainey Shaun@HaineyForMN.com 2189941130
R House 6B Skeeter Tomczak Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Cosponsor 2187501488
R House 7A Dana Krivogorsky 2183551447
DFL House 7A Jennifer Schultz SchultzForMNRep@gmail.com 2184642332
R House 7B Caroline Burley 2186245597
DFL House 7B Liz Olson lizforduluth@gmail.com 2183434281
DFL House 8A Brittney Johnson BrittneyJohnsonfor8A@gmail.com 2186718542
R House 8A Bud Nornes bnornes@gmail.com 2187367777
R House 8B Mary Franson mary@teamfranson.com 3203044001
DFL House 8B Gail Kulp gail.kulp64@gmail.com 3204919634
R House 9A John Poston Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor 2182517639
DFL House 9A Alex Hering Alex@Hering4MN9a.com 2182700509
DFL House 9B Stephen Browning electingbrowning@gmail.com 3202377369
R House 9B Ron Kresha ron@ronkreska.com 3207616133
R House 10A Josh Heintzeman josh@joshheintzeman.com 2188205674
DFL House 10A Dale Menk menk410a@outlook.com 2183303619
DFL House 10B Phil Yetzer phil@YetzerForMN.com 2188660343
R House 10B Dale Lueck dklueck@embarqmail.com 2189272495
R House 11A Jeff Dotseth jeff@dotsethmn.com 2184851168
DFL House 11A Mike Sundin mikesundin11a@gmail.com 2183915711
R House 11B Jason Rarick rarickelectric2004@yahoo.com 6517755193
DFL House 11B Tim Burkhardt timmyb@scicable.net 3203846324
R House 12A Jeff Backer jeff@jeffbacker.com 3203611909
DFL House 12A Murray Smart murraysmartfor12a@gmail.com 3203051397
DFL House 12B Ben Schirmers Y Y N Y N N N N 3202248316
R House 12B Paul Anderson 3204249782
R House 13A Lisa Demuth 3206858930
DFL House 13A Jim Read jimreadforrep@gmail.com 3202914903
DFL House 13B Heidi Everett heidimn13b@gmail.com 3202600246
R House 13B Tim O'Driscoll tim@odriscollforhouse.com 3202514306
R House 14A Tama Theis 3202489474
DFL House 14A Aric Putnam 3202664032
R House 14B Jim Knoblach jim@jimknoblach.com 3202670558
DFL House 14B Dan Wolgamott danformn@gmail.com 3208282632
R House 15A Sondra Erickson sondraerickson@q.com 7633894498
DFL House 15A Emy Minzel emyforhouse@gmail.com 7634397514
R House 15B Shane Mekeland shane@shanemekeland.com 6123634942
DFL House 15B Karla Scapanski scapans@aol.com 3202371068
DFL House 15B Jessica Filiaggi jessformn@gmail.com 3203392552
DFL House 16A Tom Wyatt-Yerka wyattyerka4swmn@gmail.com 5078287604
R House 16A Chris Swedzinski me@chrisswede.com 5078297754
R House 16B Paul Torkelson ptorkels@gmail.com 5073757315
DFL House 16B Marinda Kimmel kimmelforhouse@gmail.com 2182131530
DFL House 17A Lyle Koenen 3208942027
R House 17A Tim Miller tim@timformnhouse.com 3209051010
R House 17B Dave Baker 3208945774
DFL House 17B Anita Flowe GoWithFlowe@gmail.com 3208948326
DFL House 18A Robert Wright 6516914545
R House 18A Dean Urdahl urdahls@hotmail.com 3208572600
DFL House 18A Justin Vold beboldvotevold@gmail.com 3204341304
R House 18B Glenn Gruenhagen glenn@glennforstaterep.com 3208946713
DFL House 18B Ashley Latzke ashleylatzke@gmail.com 5073278300
R House 19A Kim Spears kim@spearsforhouse.com 5073510788
DFL House 19A Jeff Brand brandforhouse@gmail.com 5073800510
R House 19B Joe Steck 5073175044
DFL House 19B Jack Considine johnfloranceconsidine@gmail.com 5073404509
R House 20A Bob Vogel 9524612384
DFL House 20A Barbara Dröher-Kline droherklineforhouse20a@gmail.com 5102820019
DFL House 20B Todd Lippert 5076490513
R House 20B Josh Gare joshgarefor20b@gmail.com 5072102954
DFL House 21A Lori Clark loriann@clarkforhouse.com 6512122056
R House 21A Barb Haley barb@haleyforhouse.com 6513018237
R House 21B Steve Drazkowski steve@draz.com 6515640638
DFL House 21B Jonathan Isenor Jonathan@isenor4house.com 5077749137
DFL House 22A Maxwell Kaufman kaufmanforhouse@gmail.com 5073603786
DFL House 22A Brian Abrahamson brian_abrahamson@live.com 6059405451
R House 22A Joe Schomacker joe@joeforhouse.com 5079350308
R House 22B Rod Hamilton rhamilton542@live.com 5078224748
DFL House 22B Cheniqua Johnson cheniquajohnsonforstatehouse@gmail.com 5073707707
R House 23A Bob Gunther 5072356154
DFL House 23A Heather Klassen heather@klassenformn.com 5078410637
DFL House 23B Jim Grabowska jim.grabowska@gmail.com 5073812649
R House 23B Jeremy Munson Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor me@jeremymunson.com 5073510008
R House 24A John Petersburg 5074614377
DFL House 24A Joe Heegard joe@joeheegard.com 5074560802
DFL House 24A Ethan Cords ethancords@aol.com 5074750595
DFL House 24B Yvette Marthaler ymarthaler656@gmail.com 5073310261
R House 24B Brian Daniels Y Y Y Y Y Cosponsor Sponsor Cosponsor 5073302758
R House 25A Duane Quam duane.quam@duanequam.com 5077756043
DFL House 25A Jamie Mahlberg info@jamieforhouse.com 5072182110
DFL House 25B Duane Sauke duane@duanesauke.com 5072590542
R House 25B Kenneth Bush KennethBushforstaterep25B@gmail.com 5072719552
R House 26A Paul Wilson 5072885204
DFL House 26A Tina Liebling Tina@tinaliebling.com 5072894664
DFL House 26A Abdulkadir Dahir-Abdalla a.dahir.abdalla@gmail.com 6126000739
DFL House 26B Tyrel Clark tyrelforhouse@gmail.com 5072516392
R House 26B Nels Pierson nels@nels.com 5073585243
R House 27A Peggy Bennett peggy@bennett4house.com 5073730679
DFL House 27A Terry Gjersvik gjersvikfor27a@gmail.com 5074022797
R House 27B Christine Green Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor 5074347908
DFL House 27B Jeanne Poppe jeannepoppe@hotmail.com 5074387857
DFL House 28A Gene Pelowski gpelowski@hbci.com 5074585988
DFL House 28B Thomas Trehus Y Y Y Y N N N Cosponsor trehusforhouse@gmail.com 5072513584
R House 28B Gregory Davids Y Y Y Y Y Cosponsor Cosponsor Cosponsor 5079513893
R House 29A Joe McDonald Joe@McDonaldsstudio.com 6129100310
DFL House 29A Renée Cardarelle 3202484629
DFL House 29B Sharon McGinty McGintyforHouse@gmail.com 7636078183
R House 29B Marion O'Neill marion@mariononeill.com 7636705315
R House 30A Nick Zerwas 7634384558
DFL House 30A Sarah Hamlin sarahforhouse@gmail.com 7639138332
DFL House 30B Margaret Fernandez margaretforhouse@gmail.com 7632214841
R House 30B Eric Lucero contact@EricLucero.com 7634474999
R House 31A Kurt Daudt kurt@kurtdaudt.com 7636342616
DFL House 31A Brad Brown brown4mnhouse@gmail.com 7632600381
DFL House 31B Sue Larson suelarson31b@gmail.com 7632869964
R House 31B Tom Hackbarth Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor 6127479275
R House 31B Calvin Bahr CalBahr@yahoo.com 6123061483
R House 32A Brian Johnson Brian@Johnsonforstatehouse.com 7632024731
DFL House 32A Renae Berg bergforrep@gmail.com 7632454440
DFL House 32B Jeff Peterson jeffpetersonfor32b@gmail.com 6127591507
R House 32B Anne Neu anneforhouse@gmail.com 7637429961
R House 33A Jerry Hertaus Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor jahertaus@aol.com 6128677812
DFL House 33A Norrie Thomas norrieathomas@gmail.com 6125996497
DFL House 33B Kelly Morrison kelly@morrisonforhouse.com 6128407753
R House 33B Cindy Pugh cindy@cindyforminnesota.com 9524741436
R House 34A Brad Ganzer Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor brad@bradganzer.com 6123820044
R House 34A Kristin Robbins kristinrobbinsmn@gmail.com 6128199217
DFL House 34A Dan Solon danielsolon1@gmail.com 8439914476
R House 34B Dennis Smith dennis@dennissmith.org 6128893971
DFL House 34B Kristin Bahner votekristin@gmail.com 7632604110
DFL House 35A Bill Vikander billformnhouse@gmail.com 3202239754
R House 35A John Heinrich Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor johnheinrich@live.com 7632675055
R House 35B Peggy Scott peggy@peggy4house.com 7632387322
DFL House 35B Kathryn Eckhardt KathrynforMN@gmail.com 6128035410
R House 36A Bill Maresh Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor billmaresh@mareshforhouse.com 7634398918
DFL House 36A Zack Stephenson stephensonforhouse@gmail.com 7633709000
DFL House 36B Melissa Hortman repmelissahortman@gmail.com 6123864808
R House 36B Jermain Botsio 6128069868
DFL House 37A Erin Koegel erinma14@gmail.com 7632285689
R House 37A Anthony Wilder 6122751392
R House 37B Nolan West Nolan@WestforMN.com 7634011789
DFL House 37B Amir Joseph Malik@MalikForMN.com 6127016364
R House 38A Linda Runbeck lrunbeck@comcast.net 6124080987
DFL House 38A Kevin Fogarty fogartyforhouse@gmail.com 6513984361
R House 38B Patti Anderson patandersonmn@gmail.com 6514292888
DFL House 38B Ami Wazlawik ami@amiwazlawik.com 6512707986
DFL House 39A Ann Mozey annmozey@msn.com 6516441000
R House 39A Bob Dettmer rpdettmer1@msn.com 6513383802
R House 39B Kathy Lohmer 6513420924
DFL House 39B Shelly Christensen shellyforhouse@gmail.com 6514916792
DFL House 40A Michael Nelson mike@nelsonformnhouse.com 7636147866
R House 40A David TRUE Y Y No Answer Y Y Cosponsor Sponsor Cosponsor 7634584265
R House 40B Robert Marvin Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor 7635355498
DFL House 40B Samantha Vang samanthavang40b@gmail.com 6124407360
DFL House 40B Cindy Yang 6513025352
DFL House 40B Alexander Koenig alexanderkoenig1@outlook.com 7635335395
R House 41A Susan Erickson susan4house41a@gmail.com 6516359875
DFL House 41A Connie Bernardy connie@conniebernardy.com 7632281100
DFL House 41B Mary Kunesh-Podein marykuneshpodein@gmail.com 6512474642
DFL House 41B Jeffrey Alan 7632458240
DFL House 42A Kelly Moller votekellymoller@gmail.com 6514868096
R House 42A Randy Jessup randyfor42@gmail.com 6513240293
R House 42B Yele-Mis Yang yang4mnhouse@gmail.com 6512615146
DFL House 42B Jamie Becker-Finn jamie@becker-finn.org 6513342154
R House 43A Robert Cardinal Y Y Y Y Y Cosponsor Cosponsor Cosponsor 6513981457
DFL House 43A Peter Fischer 6513071625
DFL House 43B Leon Lillie llillie@comcast.net 6517709260
R House 43B Rachael Bucholz 5078291154
DFL House 44A Ginny Klevorn voteginny@gmail.com 7632422998
R House 44A Sarah Anderson voteandersonhouse@yahoo.com 7633839504
R House 44B Gary Porter gporter948@aol.com 7013616609
DFL House 44B Patty Acomb patty@pattyacomb.com 9528078635
DFL House 45A Lyndon Carlson lyndoncarlson@comcast.net 7635339779
R House 45A Reid Johnson 7634387898
R House 45B Steve Merriman steve@scmerriman4mnhouse2018.com 7635443311
DFL House 45B Mike Freiberg freiberg@gmail.com 7632348749
R House 46A Luke McCusker Y Y Y Y Y Cosponsor Cosponsor Cosponsor 6125702066
DFL House 46A Ryan Winkler info@ryanwinkler.com 6129914498
R House 46B Melissa Moore 6122471457
R House 46B Bob Helland 6514025864
DFL House 46B Cheryl Youakim cherylyouakim@hotmail.com 9522402278
R House 47A Jim Nash nash.jim@gmail.com 9528076418
DFL House 47A Madalynn Gerold 6129862604
DFL House 47B Donzel Leggett donzel@donzel4mnhouse.org 6122800765
R House 47B Greg Boe 9523614251
R House 47B Vincent Beaudette beaudettevince@gmail.com 6128043935
DFL House 48A Laurie Pryor lauriepryor@gmail.com 9524123660
R House 48A Ellen Cousins ellen@ellencousins.com 6123145304
R House 48B Jenifer Loon jeniferloon@comcast.net 9528291792
DFL House 48B Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn carlieforhouse@gmail.com 9524910178
R House 49A Dario Anselmo anselmo4house@gmail.com 6122844232
DFL House 49A Heather Edelson heather@heatheredelson.com 6517858696
R House 49B Matt Sikich 6123825900
DFL House 49B Steve Elkins 9528352118
DFL House 50A Michael Howard michaelhowardmn@gmail.com 6122077596
R House 50A Kirsten Johnson kirsten@kirsten4house.com 9524843919
DFL House 50B Andrew Carlson andrewcarlsonmn@outlook.com 9522209459
R House 50B Chad Anderson chadforhouse@gmail.com 6122695260
R House 51A Jim Kiner 6513247392
DFL House 51A Sandra Masin 6514523411
R House 51B Douglas Willetts doug@dougwillettsforhouse.com 6519002908
DFL House 51B Laurie Halverson halverson4house@gmail.com 6512499245
DFL House 52A Rick Hansen rep.rick.hansen@gmail.com 6514511189
R House 52A Beth Arntson 6514555548
R House 52B Regina Barr reginaforhouse@gmail.com 6124052144
DFL House 52B Ruth Richardson 6513292334
DFL House 53A Tou Xiong contact@touxiongformn53a.com 6514440531
R House 53A Bill Dahn bill4dahn@aol.com 6512857657
R House 53A Andy Turonie 6512702681
R House 53B Kelly Fenton kellyfen283@gmail.com 6512833011
DFL House 53B Steve Sandell 6512242152
R House 54A Keith Franke franke454a@yahoo.com 6512382920
DFL House 54A Anne Claflin anne@anneformnhouse.com 6129303464
DFL House 54B Tina Folch tinafolch@comcast.net 6513040652
R House 54B Tony Jurgens tonyjurgens54b@gmail.com 6515920846
R House 55A Bob Loonan Voteforloonan@gmail.com 6122985337
R House 55A Erik Mortensen Y Y Y Y Y Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor erik@mortforhouse.com 9522706690
DFL House 55A Brad Tabke tabkebrad@gmail.com 9522253124
DFL House 55B Matt Christensen 6122427266
R House 55B Tony Albright 6128019401
R House 56A Drew Christensen christensenformn@gmail.com 9522102769
DFL House 56A Hunter Cantrell contact@huntercantrell.com 9526075442
R House 56B Roz Peterson rozforhouse@gmail.com 9528921782
DFL House 56B Alice Mann alicemann4house@gmail.com 6124696868
R House 57A Matt Lundin www.lundinforhouse.com 55124
DFL House 57A Kyle Koch 9522839091
DFL House 57A Linda Garrett-Johnson 6512161761
DFL House 57A Robert Bierman 6122269237
DFL House 57A Jake Cassidy 9525670318
DFL House 57A Roxanne Mindeman 9528911862
DFL House 57B John Huot jdhuot@huotforhouse.com 6512784487
R House 57B Anna Wills willsforhouse@gmail.com 6125649447
R House 58A Jon Koznick koz@jonkoznick.mn 6122428317
DFL House 58A Maggie Williams maggie@electmaggie.com 6128653839
DFL House 58B Marla Vagts marlavblue@gmail.com 6129405219
R House 58B Patrick Garofalo 6513384166
DFL House 59A Fue Lee info@fuelee.org 6125680870
R House 59A Fred Statema Y Y Y N Y Cosponsor Cosponsor Cosponsor 6123237953
DFL House 59A Grace Moua 6512318335
DFL House 59B Lisa Neal-Delgado lndelgado12@gmail.com 6512166063
DFL House 59B Raymond Dehn ray@raymonddehn.org 6123103346
R House 59B Lacy Johnson 6127996046
R House 60A Kelly Winsor 6127706457
DFL House 60A Diane Loeffler diane@dianeloeffler.com 6127811307
R House 60B Fadumo Taani N N Y Y Y N Sponsor Sponsor 2069816093
R House 60B Joseph Patiño patinofor60b@gmail.com 3205102830
DFL House 60B Peter Wagenius 6127995007
DFL House 60B Mohamud Noor 6122509660
DFL House 60B Cordelia Pierson cordelia.pierson@gmail.com 6518151268
DFL House 60B Angelo Jaramillo 5079906573
DFL House 60B Joshua Preston 3202263494
DFL House 60B Mary Mellen 6128684108
DFL House 60B Haaris Pasha 9522399701
R House 61A Jeremy Hansen 6124998944
DFL House 61A Frank Hornstein fhornstein@msn.com 6129653406
DFL House 61B Jamie Long neighborsforjamielong@gmail.com 6125688097
R House 61B Scot Missling 6128451966
DFL House 62A Hodan Hassan votehodan@gmail.com 6124589005
R House 62A Bruce Lundeen Y Y Y Y N Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor 6129788973
DFL House 62A Omar Fateh omar@omarfateh.org 6124068816
DFL House 62A Margarita Ortega margarita.ortega.2010@gmail.com 6129989323
DFL House 62A Osman Ahmed osmanformn@gmail.com 9529920285
DFL House 62A Jen Kader 6514911303
DFL House 62B Aisha Gomez info@aishagomez.com 6122989681
R House 62B Ronald Peterson petersonronald16@gmail.com 6124232161
R House 62B Ross Tenneson 9526497245
R House 63A Kyle Bragg kylebraggformnhouse63a@gmail.com 6127245464
DFL House 63A Jim Davnie jim@jimdavnie.com 6127245163
DFL House 63B Jean Wagenius 6128223347
R House 63B Frank Pafko 6128120721
R House 64A Patrick Griffin 9522886613
DFL House 64A Kaohly Her her4house@gmail.com 6512245696
DFL House 64B Dave Pinto info@davepinto.com 6512521706
R House 64B Alex Pouliot 7636704612
R House 65A Monique Giordana giordanavolunteercommittee@gmail.com 6513511298
DFL House 65A Rena Moran renamoran413@gmail.com 6517570087
R House 65B Margaret Stokely marg1994@yahoo.com 6512223080
DFL House 65B Carlos Mariani 6512145014
R House 66A Jon Heyer Y Y Y Y Y Cosponsor Sponsor Cosponsor heyer4house@gmail.com 6515923156
DFL House 66A Alice Hausman alicehausman@hotmail.com 6516466220
R House 66B David Richard 6127438023
DFL House 66B John Lesch john@johnlesch.com 6513027014
DFL House 66B Trahern Crews traherncrews@gmail.com 6513619698
DFL House 67A Tim Mahoney Reptimmahoney1@msn.com 6517763200
DFL House 67B Jay Xiong info@jayforhouse.com 6513213820
R House 67B Fred Turk 6512311293