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About Us

Minnesota Gun Rights is Minnesota’s only No Compromise gun rights organization.

We were formed in July of 2013 to combat the vicious attacks on our gun rights by gun grabbers in the Minnesota legislature.

We do not believe in trading one right in exchange for two other rights just to achieve some sort of partial liberty. We believe in 100% firearms liberty for individuals in the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Gun Rights is organized as a 501 (c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan grassroots citizen organization made up of gun owners and lovers of liberty.

Minnesota Gun Rights seeks to inform gun owners, voters, and liberty activists in Minnesota on their candidates’ positions on firearms issues. The goal is to hold politicians accountable and achieve maximum liberty for an individual to defend himself, his family, and his property without having to ask government for permission to do so.

By signing petitions, postcards, letters, sending emails, faxes, making phone calls, personally visiting your state legislators, and contributing, together, we can take back our individual liberty to defend ourselves from the government licensing system that exists today.

Come join the fastest growing gun rights organization in Minnesota. As a true grassroots movement we are comprised of farmers, doctors, mechanics, teachers, hunters, military personnel, and retirees. These are the people that we report to—not a boss 1,000 miles away who doesn’t understand Minnesota and what Minnesotans want.

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We're standing up for gun rights in 2023 — are you?