SENATE: Gun Control Vote Happening 5/9!

I just got word from our sources in St Paul that tomorrow afternoon/evening the DFL majority in the Senate will be bringing H.F. 2609 to the Senate floor for a vote!

More on that bill below. 

But before you do anything else, please take a moment and send this NEW email to your Senator telling them to VOTE NO on this bill!


Here’s what’s going on:

H.F. 2609 is the same bill that 3 Republican (RINO!) state reps voted YES on in the House last week, joining with the Democrats. 

It does two things, primarily.

  1. It BANS binary triggers in Minnesota, making it a crime to possess them.Is this a common item that a lot of gun owners use? Maybe. Maybe not. But banning them is ridiculous and will only lead to MORE bans in the future! They’re already talking about banning magazines over 7 rounds, banning 5.56 ammo and more, so we can’t let them get away with ANY of this. 
  2. It increases the penalties for straw purchasing firearms.

Let me tell you why we OPPOSE this legislation 100%. 

The Democrats AND many RINOs will tell you that the reason this bill was drafted was to stop crime like we experienced on Feb 18th when the now-named “Burnsville Shooter” killed two police officers and a paramedic. 

Here’s what happened, according to reports:

1. The killer BROKE THE LAW when he murdered 3 people. 

2. The killer BROKE THE LAW when he possessed firearms while on drugs. 

3. The killer BROKE THE LAW when he took possession of firearms that were straw purchased for him. 

4. The killer BROKE THE LAW when he possessed a firearm while being Federally prohibited from doing so because of previous convictions. 

He broke the law at LEAST 4 times while committing his most recent crime!

So what is the response from our legislature, both Republican and Democrat

“We need to increase penalties for straw purchases! That’ll stop ’em next time!”  

This is a feel-good measure that simply moves the ball further down the road toward serious gun control and nobody will be surprised that increased penalties and banning binary triggers does NOTHING to stop the crime in our cities. 

If you agree, SEND YOUR EMAIL telling your Senator to VOTE HELL NO on this bill on Thursday!


As we’ve been saying all session, the Democrats need to acknowledge that THEY are the ones who have created a culture of hatred and disrespect toward law and order. 

They let criminals off the hook, let Minneapolis burn and they look the other way while car jackings and theft run rampant… and then they act surprised when criminals brazenly shoot at our cops? 

And instead of JOINING with the Democrats, the Republicans should be standing their ground, voting no and making it clear that ONE MORE LAW won’t solve this problem but it WILL increase the tyrannical attacks on our God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  

So send your email opposing H.F. 2609 NOW!


There’s more we could say now, but I’ll save it for another email. 

Send your email right away, though. Our pressure is working on so many fronts, but we just need to keep it up!

Finally, MGR is POUNDING on the Senate, targeting the weakest members of BOTH parties with online videos and targeted graphics, and over 10,000 text messages to gun owners in their districts, so please donate if you’re able to help us cover the cost


We’re only 12 days away from the end of session. It all comes down to this.  

Stay tuned!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights