Chip in $10

Tell the politicians NO DEALS on TRIGGER BANS!

Democrats AND Republicans in St Paul are pushing a dozen different gun control bills designed to attack gun owners, give a free pass to criminals, and infringe on YOUR Second Amendment rights!

From a ban on AR-15s, mandated firearms storage, allowing cities and towns to make their own gun laws, banning firearms on publicly owned property and so much more, these bills are moving in St Paul!

But coming on the Senate floor SOON is a vote on H.F. 2609, a bill to increase penalties for straw purchases and BAN binary triggers for all guns and gun owners!

Help us fight back!

Send your PRE-WRITTEN email to your Senator insisting that they stand up and OPPOSE H.F. 2609 (or similar bills) that are before the Minnesota Senate!

After you sign, please forward this link to all your pro-gun friends and family who live in Minnesota and ask them to do the same.

Finally, when you’re done, please join us as a member by going to!