Representative Dave Baker

Breaking News: New Information on Stand-Your-Ground

We spent hours at the capitol yesterday talking with legislators (and their assistants) on the Rules Committee and delivering thousands of your signed petitions in support of Stand-Your-Ground legislation. But in talking with the sponsor of Stand-Your-Ground (HF238), we received some startling news. Because of all of the calls, emails and pressure that gun owners like you have been putting on the legislature to pass Stand-Your-Ground legislation, we’ve been told

What We Need To Do To Get It Passed

Time is very short. With only two weeks left until the end of session, the House Rules committee needs to pass Stand-Your-Ground RIGHT NOW if it’s to make it out of the House. So please take a moment and watch this critical update from Chris explaining the entire situation and when you’ve finished – jump in on this fight! We delivered thousands and thousands of petitions today from thousands of

Video Update on Stand-Your-Ground law -- Take Action!

It’s crunch time. Please take a moment and watch this quick update from our Political Director about the status of Stand-Your-Ground legislation and when you’re done – TAKE ACTION! Now that you’ve watched the video, please take a moment and contact the members of the House Rules Committee and tell them to vote HF238 out of committee and onto the House Floor with NO WEAKENING AMENDMENTS! Contact: Chair Joyce Peppin

Gun Control Bill Moving in Committee - Take Action!

Fingerprint scans. Biometric scanners. Federal takeover of State Sovereignty. I don’t know about you, Site, but when I hear anti-gun legislators in St. Paul talking about centralizing all of our personal information in a Federal Dangerous ID database scheme, I get greatly concerned. Think “Minority Report.” That’s what’s happening any moment now in St. Paul if you and I don’t act fast! House Speaker Kurt Daudt and his anti-gun-crony faction