What We Need To Do To Get It Passed

Time is very short.

With only two weeks left until the end of session, the House Rules committee needs to pass Stand-Your-Ground RIGHT NOW if it’s to make it out of the House.

So please take a moment and watch this critical update from Chris explaining the entire situation and when you’ve finished – jump in on this fight!

We delivered thousands and thousands of petitions today from thousands of gun owners statewide and that’s a good start.

But now we need to burn their phone lines down with your calls and emails telling them to stop stalling and pass Stand-Your-Ground while there is still time.

Contact the entire list of House Rules Committee members right away and demand they move HF238 out of their committee IMMEDIATELY and on to the House floor for a full vote!


Chair Joyce Peppin

Phone: 651-296-0640
Email: [email protected]

Representative Tony Albright
Phone: 651-296-9194
Email: [email protected]n

Representative Jim Nash
Phone: 651-296-5497
Email: [email protected]

Representative Dave Baker
Phone: 651-296-9471
Email: [email protected]

Representative Kelly Fenton
Phone: 651-296-5998
Email: [email protected]

Representative Bob Gunther
Phone: 651-296-8871
Email: [email protected]

Representative Debra Kiel
Phone: 651-296-9471
Email: [email protected]

Representative Tim O’Driscoll
Phone: 651-296-3921
Email: [email protected]

Representative Marion O’Neill
Phone: 651-296-8187
Email: [email protected]

Representative Cindy Pugh
Phone: 651-296-3889
Email: [email protected]

Representative Dennis Smith
Phone: 651-296-5380
Email: [email protected]

Representative Chris Swedzinski
Phone: 651-296-9194
Email: [email protected]

We’ll have more updates for you in the very near future but for now, make the calls and send those emails and when you are done ask your friends to do the same.

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

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