Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair: "Criminals Welcome Here?"

My eyes scanned every which way I could as I gave the attendant at entrance 5 my ticket to get into the State Fair, but my eyes couldn’t spot it. You see, Tuesday afternoon as I was driving through St. Paul I decided to check out the State Fair entrances to see whether or not the State Fair board was still in violation of Minnesota law (Stat. 624.714, subd 23)

Minnesota State Fair: The Next Target for a Mass Shooting?

Antonio Washington waited until the Craft Brewers Guild exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair closed for the day. The Minnesota State Fair had already unveiled their brazen so-called “Gun Free Zone” signs declaring lawful gun owners illegal, so Washington knew this was going to be easy. As an employee counted the earnings on that hot August night last year, Washington quietly slipped behind him. The thug pulled a gun, pointed