Constitutional Carry

Video Update on Stand-Your-Ground law

Stand-Your-Ground law needs your help! Because of all the pressure you and I have been pouring into the capitol for Constitutional Carry, and with leadership doing everything they can to block it, they’re trotting out a watered-down Stand-Your-Ground bill to try to dupe gun owners. Please take a moment and immediately watch the video from our Political Director and when you’re done, TAKE ACTION! As you saw in the video,

I got a phone call.

Tuesday afternoon at our headquarters in Northfield I got a phone call from a gun owner in House District 15B. The caller told me that after reading our email from earlier that morning he called his representative, Jim Newberger, who is on the House Public Safety Committee, to urge him to do all he can to move HF309 out of his committee and into the Rules committee. He had spoken

Fill up their voicemail!

The Minnesota legislature is on Easter break for this entire week, so now is the perfect time to pour phone calls into their offices. As you know, Representative Cal Bahr’s Constitutional Carry bill (HF309) is still on lockdown in the House Public Safety Committee. If Constitutional Carry is going to pass, HF309 needs to be moved out of the Public Safety Committee and into the Rules committee, which is immune

Society's Model Citizens

Since the start of the 2017 session, gun owners across the state have been demanding passage of Constitutional Carry legislation. Your voice and the voices of thousands of other gun owners across the state have been THUNDERING under the capitol dome in St Paul with all of your phone calls, emails and signed petitions in support for this critical legislation. But now, Representative Cal Bahr’s HF309 (Constitutional Carry) is being

Take Action for Constitutional Carry!

Representative Cornish is dragging his heels on passing HF309 (Constitutional Carry) out of his Public Safety Committee. Please read the previous post from Ben and when you’re done, call, email or Facebook Representative Cornish and tell him to pass HF309 out of his Public Safety committee and into the Rules Committee so we can get a vote in the House! Contact: Chairman Tony Cornish Phone: 651-296-4312 Email: Facebook: Go

Major Announcement from the Board of Directors of MGR

We have some important news! I just got off a conference call with Speaker Daudt and Rep. Tony Cornish where they both apologized for blocking and waylaying HF309, Constitutional Carry! Even better, they’ve promised to move HF309 out of Chairman Cornish’s Public Safety Committee and into the Rules committee to make it immune to the committee deadlines! Lastly, they crossed their hearts and said they’re gonna blast it out onto

Constitutional Carry, the Next Step

The fight for Constitutional Carry is NOT over. Not even close. As we said in our last email, HF188 (the weak version of Constitutional Carry) has been scuttled by House leadership. But now isn’t the time to back off. HF309, the rock-solid Constitutional Carry bill by Representative Cal Bahr, is very much alive and well, waiting to be passed out of the Public Safety Committee and sent to the Rules

They're playing games with your gun rights in St Paul!

Minnesota House Leadership just killed Constitutional Carry. As you know, Minnesota Gun Rights along with our members and supporters, has been fighting hard to pass Constitutional Carry (HF309) in Minnesota. From our founding in 2013, restoring Constitutional Carry for gun owners has been one of our two primary policy objectives. And along the way, it’s been our mission to kill any attempts made at attacking the gun rights of our members

Help Us STOP Anti-Gun HF1393!

Anti-gun politicians are fighting tooth and nail to pass HF1393, a bill that leaves us WIDE OPEN to attacks on our gun rights. For the details on what this bill would do, please watch the video from our Political Director below. When you’re done watching the video, call your representative and tell them to vote NO on HF1393. Tell them that instead of pushing back-door gun control, PASS Constitutional Carry

#13 for Constitutional Carry!

The violent criminal doesn’t think twice about tucking a loaded handgun in his pants before hitting the streets in search of a new target . . . His next victim — an innocent, hardworking and law-abiding citizen — knows she’s in real danger. She knows the revolver she keeps in her dresser could save her life — if she could just take it with her. But she hasn’t yet filed