Lyle Koenen

The 2017 Legislative Session is Underway!

Moments ago the gavel fell on the start of the 2017 legislative session at the Capitol in St Paul as Minnesota Gun Rights staff looked on. I have to admit, it was great not bumping into incumbent anti-gun legislators like former State Senator Rod Skoe, or former Senator Lyle Koenen – or the slew of anti-gun challengers who tried to wipe out pro-gun incumbents during the 2016 general election. These

Are you ready to fight for the 2nd Amendment in 2017?

Just last month, gun owners unceremoniously booted multiple anti-gun legislators — up for re-election in the Minnesota Senate — out of office. Rod Skoe, gone. Lyle Koenen, gone. And a huge number of pro-gun incumbents beat back their anti-gun challengers and will be returning to St Paul. It was a fantastic night, and absolutely necessary, as it was those legislators who were directly responsible for crushing Constitutional Carry legislation. Now,