Help Us STOP Anti-Gun HF1393!

Anti-gun politicians are fighting tooth and nail to pass HF1393, a bill that leaves us WIDE OPEN to attacks on our gun rights. For the details on what this bill would do, please watch the video from our Political Director below. When you’re done watching the video, call your representative and tell them to vote NO on HF1393. Tell them that instead of pushing back-door gun control, PASS Constitutional Carry

They're speaking out of both sides of their mouths

“Show us exactly where in HF1393 it moves the filing deadline back into April. Oh, you can’t? You must have been lied to.” That’s the story many anti-gun legislators are spinning to those of you who have called in opposition to HF1393. But they’re lying. Let me explain. As we’ve been saying for the last several weeks, House File 1393 by Representative Daudt is a back-door gun-control bill of the

Anti-Gun Framework Bill MOVING in the MN House!

Yet another back-door gun control bill has been introduced in the Minnesota House. Despite the absolutely crushing defeat that anti-gun legislators took at the polls last November, anti-gunners are ‘doubling down’ on their attempts to pass gun control here in Minnesota. I hope you’ll help me send a message to weak-kneed legislators and the gun-control crowd in St Paul that gun owners didn’t fall asleep the day after the November