They’re speaking out of both sides of their mouths

Show us exactly where in HF1393 it moves the filing deadline back into April. Oh, you can’t? You must have been lied to.”

That’s the story many anti-gun legislators are spinning to those of you who have called in opposition to HF1393.

But they’re lying.

Let me explain.

As we’ve been saying for the last several weeks, House File 1393 by Representative Daudt is a back-door gun-control bill of the highest order.

HF1393’s nefarious goal is to move the filing deadline for candidates to run in the Minnesota primaries up into early April, during the legislative session, way before they’re done voting on gun bills for the year.

And if HF1393 becomes law, anti-gun politicians will be able to wait for the filing deadline to pass to see if they have a challenger for their seat before casting “tough votes.”

Armed with the knowledge that they have no political challenger, anti-gunners will be able to launch massive attacks against your gun rights without any fear of losing their seat or blowback from angry voters/constituents.

It’s nothing less than a “get out of jail free” card for politicians working against your Second Amendment freedoms.

But now, as many of you have contacted your Representatives and urged them to vote NO on this bill, the politicians are working overtime to spin and, in some cases, outright LIE to you.

Let’s take a closer look.

Code section 204B.09, Subdivision 1 of the Minnesota Statutes, which is not amended in HF1393, establishes the deadlines for filing affidavits of candidacy.

It reads:

affidavits of candidacy and nominating petitions for county, state and federal offices filled at the state general election shall be filed not more than 84 days nor less than 70 days before the state primary.

In other words, the filing deadline is tethered to the actual date of the primary.

So, in Housefile 1393, starting at line 4.2 and going through line 4.19, where it changes the primary date to the first Tuesday after the third Monday, it also changes the filing deadline to 70 days before that date.

For example, in 2018, the primary would be held on June 19, 2018. The filing deadline to run in that primary would close on April 10, 2018.

Your state representative knows this, because they’ve been through the “deadline” process before when they were filing their own affidavits of candidacy.

The truth is, many of these representatives are going “pure politician” and are telling you whatever it takes to get the pressure off their shoulders.

So please, take a moment and call your representative right NOW and tell them to vote NO on HF1393.

Don’t let them spin you – they are politicians and they excel at telling you one thing and doing the complete opposite.

Tell them that section 204B.09 would still determine the filing deadline under the proposal in HF1393, that the filing deadline would INDEED still be in early April as we stated before, and that he or she should vote NO on it and try to block it from ever coming to the floor for a vote.

If you don’t know who represents you – GO HERE.

When you’re done, please consider making a major contribution to help us in these fights.

We’re working around the clock to pass Constitutional Carry, monitor the Dangerous ID bill, stop HF1393 and keep you up to date on everything that’s going on.

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But if $100, $50 or $25 fits your budget better, every penny will be thrown into these fights to continue defending and advancing your Second Amendment freedoms.

Whatever you do, call your representative and tell them to vote HECK NO on HF1393, as that’s most important.

Stay tuned as we’ll have more updates and action items coming in the near future. 

Thank you for all your support and action on behalf of the Second Amendment!

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Anti-gun politicians in St Paul, in an attempt to pass HF1393, are working double time trying to spin and lie to gun owners.

For all the facts, please read the email above and when you’re done, call your representative TODAY and tell them to vote HECK NO on HF1393.

Armed with the truth of what this bill would do, don’t let the politicians spin you or lie to you!

Tell them to vote NO and kill HF1393 before it leaves the House.

After that, please consider making a major contribution to MGR for $250, $100, $50 or $25 to help us fight these battles on all fronts.

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