Chairman Tony Cornish

I got a phone call.

Tuesday afternoon at our headquarters in Northfield I got a phone call from a gun owner in House District 15B. The caller told me that after reading our email from earlier that morning he called his representative, Jim Newberger, who is on the House Public Safety Committee, to urge him to do all he can to move HF309 out of his committee and into the Rules committee. He had spoken

Fill up their voicemail!

The Minnesota legislature is on Easter break for this entire week, so now is the perfect time to pour phone calls into their offices. As you know, Representative Cal Bahr’s Constitutional Carry bill (HF309) is still on lockdown in the House Public Safety Committee. If Constitutional Carry is going to pass, HF309 needs to be moved out of the Public Safety Committee and into the Rules committee, which is immune

Take Action for Constitutional Carry!

Representative Cornish is dragging his heels on passing HF309 (Constitutional Carry) out of his Public Safety Committee. Please read the previous post from Ben and when you’re done, call, email or Facebook Representative Cornish and tell him to pass HF309 out of his Public Safety committee and into the Rules Committee so we can get a vote in the House! Contact: Chairman Tony Cornish Phone: 651-296-4312 Email: Facebook: Go

Constitutional Carry Hearing THIS MORNING - CALL NOW!

Politics runs on momentum, and right now that momentum is red hot for the Constitutional Carry hearing happening this morning! That’s why I’m asking you to read this short email in its entirety and call the members of the Public Safety Committee right away. You see, anti-gunners are trying hard to KILL our momentum and destroy Constitutional Carry. In fact, their radical militants are working overtime to create the momentum needed

Hearing Scheduled for Constitutional Carry!

I have big news on Constitutional Carry! Thanks to all of your calls and emails and the pressure you’ve poured into the capitol for the last few weeks, Public Safety Committee Chairman Tony Cornish has been forced to schedule a hearing on Constitutional Carry! The date for the hearing is March 8. Make no mistake about it, this hearing is only happening because of all of your hard work and

Why is Chairman Cornish STALLING Constitutional Carry?

Is the supposedly “pro-Second Amendment” Chairman of the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee trying to sweep Constitutional Carry (H.F. 309) under the rug? After all the momentum you and I have generated over the past few weeks for Constitutional Carry, I sincerely hope not. After all, this is the first time in Minnesota history Constitutional Carry has had companion bills introduced in BOTH houses of our legislature. And thanks to