Bloomberg's Gun-Control Group Attacks, Blames MGR For Bloomington Mosque Attack!

I could hardly believe the words I was hearing when I first received the news. Shortly after the early-morning bombing of a Mosque in Bloomington, “Protect Minnesota” launched a full frontal assault, blaming Minnesota Gun Rights for somehow having “advance knowledge” of the attack! To gun-grabbers and their pals, Second Amendment supporters are nothing more than hate-filled troglodytes who are just itching for the opportunity to kill and destroy. In

Bloomington City Council votes 6-1 to Pass Gun Store Ban!

You win some and you lose some. Two weeks ago, gun owners were kicking in the teeth of some of Minnesota’s most notorious anti-gunners on election night. But moments ago, the city of Bloomington passed an ordinance that would BAN gun stores in many locations. Testifier after testifier came to the stand to address the Bloomington City Council and testify against their draconian proposal.  Some pro-gun testifiers pointed out that it

Help! Anti-gun City Council Votes TONIGHT

I wanted to make sure you saw the email Ben sent out last Wednesday. TONIGHT at 7:00PM the Bloomington, MN city council will vote on an ordinance to BAN all firearm and sporting goods stores from nearly the entire city of Bloomington! Please read the email below and take IMMEDIATE action to stop this assault on our gun rights. Gun owners in Bloomington are counting on YOU! Remember, if they