Help! Anti-gun City Council Votes TONIGHT

I wanted to make sure you saw the email Ben sent out last Wednesday.

TONIGHT at 7:00PM the Bloomington, MN city council will vote on an ordinance to BAN all firearm and sporting goods stores from nearly the entire city of Bloomington!

Please read the email below and take IMMEDIATE action to stop this assault on our gun rights.

Gun owners in Bloomington are counting on YOU!

Remember, if they can pass an ordinance like this is Bloomington, they may try it in your town next!

That’s why we need all hands on deck to crush this ordinance proposal!

Minnesota Gun Rights will be at the council meeting in Bloomington giving up to the minute updates on the fight and running live video updates on Facebook.

If you’re not yet following the fight for gun rights on Facebook, click here!

Whatever you do, make sure you contact the city council – that’s most important!

Thank you, in advance, for helping defend gun rights.

— Chris