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Lip Service or Integrity? Your Candidates On the Record

With the August 12 Minnesota primaries just a few days away, Minnesota Gun Rights has been busy surveying candidates across the state who are seeking office at the state level in the Minnesota House of Representatives. We are going to be highlighting some of these races in this email so that you can know which candidates align with your views of the 2nd Amendment. If a candidate refuses to sign

2014 Candidate Survey Results

  MINNESOTA GUN RIGHTS 2014 State Legislative Candidate Survey Candidate Survey for FIRST LAST seeking election to the office of State Representative District XX in the 2014 Election Cycle as a member of the XXXXXXXXX Party. If elected, would you support legislation to implement no-permit necessary, “Constitutional Carry,” which would allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms concealed for self-defense, without a government-issued permit or training card? Yes (I will sponsor

The Gun-Control Crowd in St Paul Wants to MUZZLE Pro-Gun Organizations at Election Time!

I’m worried. I’m hearing that anti-gun members of the legislature are doing everything they can to convince moderate legislators to pass the Gag Act (HF1944 or SF1915) before they adjourn in the next week! Like I’ve told you before, if they’re successful in ramming this legislation into law, it would pretty much destroy the Right to Free Speech in Minnesota. Specifically, politicians (especially the anti-gun politicians) want to make it

Anti-Gunners Attacking Free Speech, Too!

Things are about to get even more ugly. As you know, for the last couple of weeks Minnesota Gun Rights and thousands of gun-rights supporters across the state have been working feverishly to kill several anti-gun bills like SF2639 and HF3238. But now they’ve rolled out another anti-gun bill. And it’s nasty. You see, as Minnesota Gun Rights turns up the heat on lawmakers’ anti-gun schemes, lawmakers are getting mad.

Two Anti-Gun Bills Getting Crammed Through the Legislature

With anti-gun majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate and a ready ally in the Governor’s Mansion, gun-rights are under constant threat of attack. Today that threat became a reality as two anti-gun bills were introduced in the Minnesota Senate! Looking to capitalize on their anti-gun majorities, Senators Ron Latz, Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Hayden and David Tomassoni are trying to cram two anti-gun bills through public hearings on Thursday!

And the free AR15 goes to

At Minnesota Gun Rights, our entire existence is to defend and advance gun rights and the 2nd Amendment, regardless of the “ruling class” at the capitol and their political “inside-ball-games.” But when it comes to defending gun rights, there aren’t that many places in America where the need for a vigilant defense is more urgent than right here in Minnesota. Since early 2013, there’s been a renewed attack by anti-gun

Minnesota Gun Rights: Taking the Fight to the Anti-Gunners

On December 14, 2012, madman Adam Lanza entered a school in Newtown, Connecticut, and murdered 20 little kids and 6 staff members. The blood of these innocent Americans wasn’t even dry before gun-control advocates across the nation began howling to make victims of the rest of us. Here in Minnesota, the gun-control machine took their cue from the national boys and kicked their anti-gun efforts into high gear. Assault weapons