Gun owners in Minnesota aren’t just fighting against Democrats in St Paul who want to strip us of our Second Amendment freedom!

REPUBLICAN State Senator Karin Housley (R-Stillwater) has just signed on to a Democrat sponsored bill (S.F. 4312) to FORCE all gun owners to lock their guns in a safe, at all times, separate from their ammo!

Another RINO who was endorsed in previous elections by the Minnesota Gun Owners Cuckus, Karin Housley has been anti-gun for years, posting about the need for “gunsense” as far back as 2019 while posing with gun control activists!

(Karin Housley posing with and thanking gun control activists at the capitol)


(MNGOC giving an A rating and ENDORSEMENT of Housley)


Now she’s full blown siding with the DEMOCRATS against gun owners!

You see, each bill introduced in the Senate is allowed a maximum of 5 authors.

As you can see below, the other 4 authors are major gun grabbers, including Senator Ron Latz who was the author of ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscations’ and ‘Universal Background Checks’ which were passed last year!

With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?

Of course gun owners remember that Housley was one of the lead instigators of the laughable website that the MNGOP created a few years ago attacking Minnesota Gun Rights members as a “scam” when SHE is the one joining Democrats to tear our Second Amendment to shreds.

I’m asking every gun owner in Minnesota to CALL or EMAIL Karin Housley right now and DEMAND she take her name OFF S.F. 4312 and APOLOGIZE for attacking gun owners!

Call: 651-296-1780
Email: [email protected]

To be clear, this bill would require all of your guns to be locked in a government-approved safe at all times.

More than that, you’d be required to have your ammo stored separately, leaving you completely unable to defend yourself when you need to the most!

When you disobey, you go to jail. Simple as that.

This is what we’ve come to expect from metro-city Communists. This is NOT what we should call normal from the Republican party of Minnesota!

Call and email her right away and help us stop this bill, and when you’re done, please donate to our cause so we can keep up this fight in St Paul!

Nobody else will call out this bad behavior.

Other weak gun groups support and endorse politicians who screw over gun owners and they expect you to swallow it.


And as a final note, if you hear back from Karen, please forward any correspondence to [email protected]!

Thank you for STANDING UP and we’ll have more updates shortly!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights