2022 Legislative Session: GUN CONTROL!

The 2022 Legislative began at 12:00 noon today and it’s going to be a huge fight for the Second Amendment!

Notoriously anti-gun Senator Ron Latz gave his legislative priorities briefing, Rep. Steve Sandell introduced a GUN REGISTRATION and magazine ban bill and silence from the GOP

Watch tonight’s LIVE broadcast breaking down what the next few months will look like in our massive fight to protect and defend the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution! 

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2022 is full of opportunities to both stop gun control and start the process of hammering pro-gun legislation, like Stand-Your-Ground, through the legislature, especially in the Senate. 

Minnesota Gun Rights is going to do what we’ve been doing for almost a DECADE: SPEARHEAD this fight, expose bad politicians, push pro-gun bills, stop gun control and then go after these politicians in the August primaries and November elections — and not give a damn about how angry we make politicians or the Star Tribune

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As the 2022 session gets into full swing, MGR will be fighting like hell for our agenda of freedom and making sure you have all the information and details of what’s going on, as well as giving you action items to advance our cause all along the way. 

Thank you for standing with us and let’s HOLD THE LINE!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights