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A temporary victory for gun owners in Savage!

As you know, last night we were on hand at the Savage, MN, city Planning Commission meeting where they were going to make a motion whether or not to recommend that the city Council approve an anti-gun city ordinance. Local anti-gun activists, furious about a new firearms business coming to town have been heckling the city to pass an ordinance to effectively BAN all firearms stores from a majority of

Minnesota: Thank These Pro-Gun Candidates!

As this election season is officially underway, Minnesota Gun Rights is hammering on gun-grabbing politicians as hard as we possibly can. As they seek to run from their record of killing pro-gun bills, sponsoring gun-control, voting for extreme gun-control measures and more, they are being confronted by the truth. In fact, Minnesota Gun Rights is flooding select districts with targeted mail, email, radio ads and social media! They need to

Minnesota: We Need Help Exposing Gun Grabbers in These Four Districts!

As we prepare to run the most aggressive program in our history, hammering on anti-gunners all over Minnesota for voting for Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration and killing Constitutional Carry legislation, we’ve been getting questions from you as to what districts we’re choosing and why. Others want to know why we can’t jump into races in their part of Minnesota. I get it, when a gun-grabber arrogantly tries to clamp down

Anti-Gun DANGEROUS ID Bill About to Get a Vote!

Computer chips. Fingerprint scans. Biometric scanners. I don’t know about you, but when I hear anti-gun legislators in St Paul talking about centralizing all of our personal information in a new-fashioned Dangerous ID licensing scheme, I get greatly concerned. That’s what’s happening – TODAY – in St. Paul if you and I don’t act fast! That’s right, Speaker Kurt Daudt and his anti-gun cronies in the House are about to

Come See Us at the Mankato Gun Show!

Minnesota Gun Rights is cranking up the heat in St Paul! Militant gun-control politicians are desperate for revenge after mobilized gun owners forced them to pass the Omnibus gun bill last year. It comes as no surprise that big money gun-grabbers like Gabby Giffords are pushing their way in to Minnesota and setting up shop to start cramming their agenda through in St. Paul. That’s why we want to make

Minnesota State Fair: The Next Target for a Mass Shooting?

Antonio Washington waited until the Craft Brewers Guild exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair closed for the day. The Minnesota State Fair had already unveiled their brazen so-called “Gun Free Zone” signs declaring lawful gun owners illegal, so Washington knew this was going to be easy. As an employee counted the earnings on that hot August night last year, Washington quietly slipped behind him. The thug pulled a gun, pointed

A Gun Owner Needs Your Help!

Imagine having to call your wife in the middle of the night to figure out how you can cough up enough money to cover a $25,000 bond to get out of jail – and having to tell her that you’re facing 10 years in the State Penitentiary and a fine of up to $150,000! This real life story is being played out right now by Brian Fletcher – a gun

Congress: Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum Sponsor Federal "Gun Buyback" Gun-Control

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison and Congresswoman Betty McCollum have introduced a gun-control bill in Congress called the “Safer Streets Act,” and they need to hear from you right away. More on that in a minute. Minnesota Gun Rights is busy day-in and day-out building the grassroots groundswell of support we need to pass critical and substantive pro-gun legislation in Minnesota. That includes important self-defense legislation like Stand-Your-Ground law. We believe,

Stand-Your-Ground Law Introduced in the MN House - But Who is Blocking It?

As Minnesota Gun Rights members know, MGR has been fighting tooth and nail to stop Senator Ron Latz’s Senate File 1289, the gun-control bill of the year. Minnesota Gun Rights staff and volunteers spent last week putting boots on the ground going house to house in Senator Latz’s district, exposing his treachery to his constituents to stop this bill cold before it impacts all of Minnesota. If passed, Senate File