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Don't Let Bloomberg's Cronies Shut MGR Down!

Any day now, I expect a loud knock at my door. A slick anti-gun government lawyer — armed with trumped-up legal complaints from Michael Bloomberg-backed gun control organizations and their pals in Saint Paul — will be grinning from ear-to-ear as he tells me, “SEE YOU IN COURT!” When Minnesota Gun Rights was first launched, I thought things like this didn’t happen in America. But today, with the critical November elections

Heading Out to Hurricane Florence - Please Help!

While you’re used to receiving emails from me on behalf of Minnesota Gun Rights about the fight for the Second Amendment here in Minnesota, this email is going to be different. The Board of Directors of MGR has given me permission to write to you in my personal capacity, to talk to you about an opportunity to help some of the countless people about to be impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Win a SIG P229 from Minnesota Gun Rights!

Media elites and lawless Deep State “investigators” are in a mad rush to topple this President. Their goal is to send the loud-and-clear message that politicians who aren’t Of the Swamp, For the Swamp and By the Swamp better NEVER even think of running for office again. They believe they have November 2018 in the bag after flooding our airwaves with a constant drumbeat of pure political poison since the

Save the Date for Ahlman's Shooters Roundup!

The kids and grandkids are heading back to school, hunting season is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time for the annual Ahlmans Shooter’s Roundup in Morristown, MN! If you’ve never been to Ahlmans Roundup, you won’t believe how much fun it is! You can peruse through the gun manufacturers’ booths and look at their new demo guns – hundreds of them throughout the grounds! You can


As you head out to the polls today, we wanted to make sure you remembered to only vote for candidates who are willing to FIGHT for the Second Amendment. While Minnesota has many candidates who claim to be pro-gun on the campaign path, many of them are quick to moderate and not fight for gun owners once safely back in office. That is one of the reasons why Minnesota hasn’t

Where Your Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on the Second Amendment!

The Minnesota Gun Rights gubernatorial candidate survey results are in and I’ve got some good news and bad news to report. With the August 14th Primary coming on Tuesday, I wanted to make sure you knew EXACTLY where your gubernatorial candidates stand on critical gun rights issues. We sent out surveys to: Republican Jeff Johnson Republican Tim Pawlenty Democrat Erin Murphy Democrat Tim Walz Democrat Lori Swanson On the Democrat

Where Do YOUR Candidates Stand?

“He told me he’s pro-gun, but said he wasn’t going to sign a survey…” This was what one MGR member told us a few days ago via a Facebook message, after he met with one of two candidates seeking the GOP nomination in his House district and asked him to sign his MGR Candidate Questionnaire. You may be hearing something similar. As a reminder, in our previous update we provided

Stand With Us in Defense of the Second Amendment and Pick Up Free Gear!

“I NEED one of those shirts, my friend just got one in the mail yesterday and said it’s the most comfortable shirt he’s ever had. Send me one!” So said MGR’s newest member when he called our office yesterday looking to pick up his FREE MGR T-Shirt and decal. In case you forgot, in celebration of Independence Day and our freedoms as American citizens, for the entire month of July

Candidate Surveys Have Landed in Minnesota!

With the 2018 Primary approaching, I wanted you to be the first to know that the 2018 Minnesota Gun Rights candidate surveys have landed all over Minnesota. In you don’t know what I’m talking about, our survey program is where we get to ask the candidates the tough questions about where they stand on the Second Amendment. Of course, as a membership driven organization, these questions are the culmination of

Happy Independence Day from Minnesota Gun Rights!

Happy Independence Day from the board of directors of Minnesota Gun Rights! On this day, 242 years ago, our nation adopted its Declaration of Independence, telling England that we would be a sovereign nation forever more. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons fearing all-out war with England. Hearing that everyday men and women were arming