Your MGR Membership Will Expire Tomorrow!

Your 2021 membership in Minnesota Gun Rights will expire tomorrow!

If you’ve already renewed your membership in our fight for the Second Amendment for 2022, you can safely ignore the rest of this email. But if you’ve not yet renewed, please do so right away!

Our push for the Second Amendment Preservation Act in St. Paul — along with our continuing efforts to block Biden’s war against gun owners in Congress — resumes in just days.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi know that they will lose control of Congress in November, and that’s why they are determined to pass as much of their gun control agenda as possible in 2022!

We need all hands-on deck today!

So please renew your membership for 2022 to ensure that Minnesota Gun Rights has the resources we need to hold the line for freedom!


You have one day remaining in your 2021 membership, act fast!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights