You just can’t trust anyone!

Our “pro-gun” majority in the senate has been completely destroyed.

Monday morning, Republican Senators Scott Jensen and Paul Anderson stood side by side with anti-gun militant Senator Ron Latz and co-sponsored SF3279, BILLIONAIRE Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration bill!

That means our 1-vote “pro-gun” majority in the Senate is gone and the anti-gunners have full control over both the Senate AND the Governor’s mansion.

Worse, with House leadership cutting deals and holding hearings on MAJOR gun-control legislation like we saw a couple weeks ago, we need all hands on deck – NOW!

Under Universal Gun Registration you would be a CRIMINAL if you sell a firearm to your best friend without first getting government permission.

Worse, if you wanted to give a firearm to your spouse for self-defense, you’d be required to take them down to your local police station and run a criminal background check on them first – or face the penalty.

This has been a major goal of Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun militants in the MN legislature for years.


Because Universal Gun Registration would create a statewide database of EVERY firearm and their owner — which is only a precursor to outright gun CONFISCATION!

And this very bill, usually being fought for by radical anti-gunners like Ron Latz and Dave Pinto, is now being co-sponsored and pushed by Minnesota REPUBLICANS!

That’s why it’s vital you sign your petition right away telling your Senator and Representative to vote HECK NO on ANY gun-control legislation — no matter which party is supporting it!

We’ve been warning you about this for weeks, Site.

With the Republican controlled government in Florida passing sweeping gun-control, a very BAD precedent is being set for the rest of the country.

Weak legislators are now asking themselves, “If Florida can do it, why can’t we do it here in Minnesota?”

The answer is that gun owners in Minnesota are activated and mobilized and will hold accountable ANY legislator who tries to trample on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms – no matter which party is pushing the gun control!

So sign your petition right NOW telling your representative to STAND and FIGHT for your gun rights!

Your signed petition means that you’re not going to bow to the wishes of an out of state New York City BILLIONAIRE!

Your signed petition means that you’re not going to let Senator Scott Jensen, Ron Latz or anyone else take away your freedoms and destroy our Minnesota way of life without a fight!

And your signed petition, when added to tens of THOUSANDS of Minnesotans’ represents the one thing that anti-gun legislators fear most — angry, mobilized gun owners.

So again, please take a moment to click on and sign your petition opposing this radical attack on your Second Amendment here in Minnesota!

Once you’ve finished, I hope you’ll consider making an emergency contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights right away!

Your donation, whether that be $1000 or $500 as some generous donors have done, or even $100, $50 or $20 will enable MGR to continue mobilizing grassroots Minnesotans all over the state.

And let me tell you, we desperately need them to help us keep the pressure pouring into the capitol to help stop this attack.

We’ll never be able to match Michael Bloomberg and his cohorts here in St Paul dollar for dollar, but we don’t need to with tens of THOUSANDS of Minnesotans standing alongside us in opposition to this threat.

That’s what your support is enabling Minnesota Gun Rights to do; mobilize tens of thousands of Minnesotans using direct mail, email, social media, house-to-house lit drops and radio ads if we can afford it.

Whether you can afford a financial contribution now or not, do take a moment to sign your petition as that’s the most important thing.

And when you’re finished clicking and submitting your petition, be sure to send this message to all your pro-gun friends and family here in Minnesota to enable them to get involved in this fight as well.

For Freedom,

Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Monday morning, Republican Senators Scott Jensen and Paul Anderson stood with anti-gun radicals in the MN senate and co-sponsored SF3279, Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration bill!

We’ve got to pour on a tidal wave of pressure right now if we’re to stop this radical gun control being pushed by Republicans in the Senate.

Sign your petition NOW telling your representative to STAND and FIGHT for gun owners in Minnesota and not cave to the anti-gun pressure!

When you’re done, please consider an emergency contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford to help us STOP this gun-control

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