Will You Fight in 2022?

The 2022 war over our Second Amendment kicks off in just two weeks and it’s going to be a WILD YEAR!

Already anti-gun politicians and organizations are ramping up their rhetoric, claiming that random MGR members are responsible for the massive rise in violence across Biden’s “new America” instead of the criminals, gangs and thugs that we all KNOW disobey our laws.

But these America haters don’t care. They support these attacks because they have a full-blown Communist agenda to push and they’re not going to let facts stand in the way.

But whether they like it or not, Minnesota Gun Rights IS STANDING IN THEIR WAY!

That’s why we’re going to need every gun owner, every patriot, every red-blooded Minnesotan standing with us in 2022, to kick Biden’s agenda into the trash where it belongs, hammer back these Communists who are fighting so hard to destroy our country and our state and ADVANCE our freedoms!

So if you haven’t already, please JOIN or RENEW your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights TODAY!

Thank you, my friend, for always standing in the gap and fighting on behalf of our great country and freedoms.

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For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights