Will You Fight For Gun Rights In 2015?

For the past few weeks since the smoke cleared from the November elections, I’ve feverishly been working the phone lines talking with friends and allies in the Minnesota State Legislature.

There’s no doubt Minnesota’s Second Amendment supporters sent a loud-and-clear message this November!

But I’m afraid — as you and I prepare for the next session of the Minnesota State Legislature — we’re not out of the woods yet!

And after all Second Amendment supporters in Minnesota have been through over these past two years at the hands of the gun-grabbers, I can’t stomach the thought of letting up the pressure now!

That’s why I’m counting on your most generous contribution to renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights TODAY.

After all, I’d love to tell you gun control won’t be back in the 2015 session of the Minnesota Legislature. I’d love to tell you we have nothing to worry about.

But Minnesota has long been one of BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top targets.

So even after the results of the November elections, I’m afraid gun-grabbers could launch yet another round of assaults.

You see, Minnesota’s State Legislature alternates every two years between “long years” and “short years.” Last year was a “short year.”

I can’t tell you how many times I heard from my many inside sources last year that the anti-gun majority was telling Bloomberg’s lobbyists they just didn’t have time to get gun control done during the “short year” after the stink you and I put up.

In fact, they all but promised gun control would be back in 2015 if Bloomberg’s pals would give them a pass!

Well, Michael Bloomberg still has three contract lobbyists on big retainers here in Minnesota. And you and I can bet he’s not going to accept any excuses this year.

That’s why I’m afraid you and I could see a renewed push for anti-gun schemes, including:

*** So-called “Universal Background Checks.” This has long been tops on Bloomberg’s agenda. The only way to enforce this scheme is to track, trace and register every gun and gun owner in the state;

And you and I both know registration is the first step toward OUTRIGHT confiscation!

*** So-called “mental health” legislation to strip law-abiding Minnesotans of their Second Amendment Rights just because some bureaucrat doesn’t like your race, religion or political views;

*** A new “Gag Act” to prevent organizations like Minnesota Gun Rights from telling ANYONE about how their politicians voted on gun rights without paying expensive fees and jumping through massive amounts of bureaucratic hoops.

In fact, just a few weeks before the November elections, the League of Minnesota Cities came out with their 2015 priorities for the State Legislature.

One of their top demands was new legislation demanding that cities be empowered with the ability to dramatically expand gun free zones!

Sure, I could just sit back and hope Second Amendment supporters in the Minnesota State House are able to block any impending anti-gun assault . . .

But similar schemes have already passed in many other states with far higher levels of politicians in BOTH parties claiming to be “pro-Second Amendment.”

The good news is, with your renewed support today and increased strength in the Minnesota House — thanks to an impressive showing on Election Day — Minnesota Gun Rights should be able to hold these schemes off.

But I’m afraid making peace with the “status quo” when it comes to our gun rights here in Minnesota is NOT an option.

According to Guns & Ammo Magazine, Minnesota is ranked 39th out of 50 states in the country when it comes to friendliness towards the Second Amendment.


Because year after year, politicians in BOTH parties campaign as “pro-Second Amendment,” but then work behind the scenes to keep pro-gun bills from even coming up for a vote.

Thus, the most virulently anti-gun politicians are allowed to comfortably hide in the shadows — until the timing is right to spring their radical gun control schemes on you and me.

Well, with your renewed support today, I’m not about to let them hide in the shadows for another moment.

That’s why, with your help, Minnesota Gun Rights is preparing an all-out push to force votes in BOTH houses of the Minnesota State Legislature on Constitutional Carry.

Constitutional Carry is a very simple concept. If passed, it would simply state that if you’re legal to own a firearm, you’re legal to carry it to protect yourself and your family. PERIOD.

That means no bureaucratic rigmarole. No paying expensive fees.

Constitutional Carry is already law in five states. And despite the hand-wringing of anti-gun nanny-staters like Bloomberg, they’re not plagued by shootouts and vigilante justice.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better way to find out which of the politicians in St. Paul are really pro-Second Amendment, and which are just mouthing campaign talking points every two years to get elected.

The great news is, forcing votes on Constitutional Carry puts you and me in a win/win situation.

Either we get the votes we need to dramatically improve gun policy here in Minnesota — or we EXPOSE every anti-gun politician in St. Paul to be held accountable at the ballot box.

Of course, forcing votes is not going to be easy. Anti-gun members of BOTH parties are going to fight us every step of the way.

But if you and I don’t go on the offense now, I’m afraid what that could mean for our Second Amendment rights in just a few years.

That’s why — even as I write you — I’m putting the finishing touches on an all-out plan to force these votes using everything from mail, to email, to Internet, to social media, to hard-hitting newspaper and radio ads.

My goal is to swamp the Minnesota State Legislature with pro-Constitutional Carry petitions as soon as they convene for 2015.

But I’m going to need you on board to do it.

That’s another big reason I’m counting on your renewed membership today.

The good news is, Minnesota Gun Rights members and supporters have already proven we can make a tremendous impact in the two areas where it counts the most, including:

1) Beating back the worst of Bloomberg’s gun control schemes during both the 2013 and 2014 sessions of the Minnesota State Legislature;

2) Exposing Bloomberg’s allies so Second Amendment supporters can hold them accountable at the ballot box.

In fact, Second Amendment supporters walked away with a HUGE win on November 4 when anti-gun incumbent Will Morgan was defeated by 8% of the vote.

For his staunchly anti-gun record, Representative Morgan was one of SIX legislators to earn Bloomberg’s endorsement in Minnesota.

Thanks to your support, Minnesota Gun Rights produced hard-hitting mail, ran a full social media campaign, leafleted at least 90% of the houses in the district and launched a major metro area radio ad buy to expose Morgan as Bloomberg’s go-to guy in the Minnesota House.

And on election night, voters chose overwhelmingly to send Morgan packing.

Not only that, but:

>>> Two more anti-gun incumbents went down to defeat at the hands of pro-gun challengers;

>>> Three critical open seats — where anti-gun candidates faced off against candidates who answered their Minnesota Gun Rights Candidate Surveys 100% pro-gun — were won by Second Amendment supporters;

>>> Every pro-gun incumbent who answered their survey was reelected.

These are HUGE results.

My hope is, they’ll convince state legislators to think twice before attacking our Second Amendment rights . . .

But that’s only if I can count on you.

None of Minnesota Gun Rights’ success would be possible without your action and your continued support.

The truth is, if politicians ever start to think we’re letting up the pressure — even for a moment — that’s when they’ll step up their assaults on our gun rights.

That’s why I’m counting on you to renew your membership TODAY.

So won’t you please act at once?

As you’ll see when you click on the image below, the amount you choose to renew your membership is up to you.

I hope you’ll be as generous as you can.

In fact, I hope you’ll agree to a generous contribution of $1000, $500 or $250 right away.

I know that’s a lot. But we still have plenty of work to do — work that simply must be done.

I need to know if I can count on you to stand with me.

Of course, if $1000, $500 or $250 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $125, $75, $35 or whatever you can afford right away?

2015 is going to be a big year for our gun rights.

Each and every Minnesota Second Amendment supporter has a job to do.

Please respond today, renew your membership and let me know I can count on you.

Thank you for all you do.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. The 2015 session of the Minnesota State Legislature is going to be absolutely critical.

I need you on board.

As you’ll see when you click on the image below, the amount you choose to renew your membership is up to you.

So please agree to your most generous contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $125, $75, $35 or whatever you can afford today!