Where Should We Focus in 2017?

If you had told me just a couple of weeks ago that Minnesota’s State Legislature would have only just convened, and I’d be rushing to write you this emergency letter, I never would have believed it.

By any measure, the victories Second Amendment supporters won here in Minnesota on November 8 were shocking . . .

Despite Michael Bloomberg unloading $600,000 into Minnesota’s state elections to seize control of our State House, expand his majority in the Senate and set the stage for passage of his radical agenda in 2017.

It was Minnesota’s Second Amendment supporters who emerged victorious.

Today, BOTH houses of the Minnesota State Legislature boast pro-gun majorities!

With Governor Dayton not seeking reelection in 2018, the time has never been better to GO ON THE OFFENSE.

After all, even if Governor Dayton vetoes our pro-gun bills, he’ll only be making gun rights a top issue in 2018, setting gun-grabbers up for sure DEFEAT — just like in 2014 and 2016.

But Site, I’m worried stiff Minnesota Gun Rights’ plans for 2017 won’t be able to get off the ground . . .

So with the next session of the Minnesota State Legislature already underway, I need your advice.

As you’ll see, I’ve included a critical Member Ballot with this email.

Will you please fill it out, and submit it to me IMMEDIATELY?

The truth is, money is tight.

Too tight after I unloaded Minnesota Gun Rights’ bank accounts in the lead up to Election Day 2016.

With everything that was at stake in 2016, I don’t regret that decision at all.

But victory has come with a price . . .

So today, I need you to tell me where to focus.

According to Guns & Ammo Magazine, there are only 11 states in the country today with WORSE gun laws than Minnesota.

A big reason why is our state’s lack of a Stand-Your-Ground Law.

Without Stand-Your-Ground, many gun owners who use their firearms to fend off criminal attack often find they’re little more than sitting ducks for anti-gun judges and prosecutors.

In fact, I remember hearing one story about a man who was a concealed carry permit holder, a former security officer and ex-law enforcement official.

After using a gun to defend himself from attack by two thugs — one with over 40 criminal convictions going back 15 years — he spent 112 days in jail before finally being found innocent!

In the meantime, he lost his home and most of his possessions — including his gun collection.

I’m sure the gun-grabbers think to themselves, “that serves him right!”

After all, whenever some thug commits some horrific crime, don’t the gun-grabbers always rush to place blame — not on the criminals themselves — but on law-abiding gun owners?

So is it really any surprise they’ve written Minnesota law to protect criminals, madmen and Islamic radicals first — even when it’s your and your family’s safety at stake?

I don’t know about you, but I believe the law should put the interests of law-abiding Minnesota citizens ahead of thugs and madmen.

Today, with the threat from madmen and ISIS-inspired terrorist wannabees increasing, Stand-Your-Ground has never been more important.

After all, do we really want law-abiding gun owners to be worried about what an anti-gun prosecutor or judge might think in a situation where dozens of lives are on the line?

So if you think passing Stand-Your-Ground is most important, please click “OPTION #1: PASS STAND-YOUR-GROUND” on your Member Ballot.

But before you do, just consider the opportunity we have with Constitutional Carry.

If passed, Constitutional Carry would restore the right of Minnesota citizens to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families –- WITHOUT going through a bunch of bureaucratic rigmarole or paying expensive fees.

In other words, if you’re legally allowed to own it, you’re legally able to carry it. PERIOD.

These reforms are on the march all over the country.

In fact, just in the past two years, Constitutional Carry has passed in Kansas, Maine, Idaho, West Virginia, Mississippi and Missouri.

In Maine, it passed with a Democrat State House. In Missouri and West Virginia, it passed with a Democrat Governor.

So there’s no reason why Constitutional Carry can’t soon be reality here.

So if you think Constitutional Carry should be our top priority, please click “OPTION #2: PASS CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY” on your Member Ballot.

I’m sure you can see why I’m so torn.

There just aren’t any easy options.

The truth is, I’d rather bite the head off a snake than be forced to hold back on either of these fights with the gun-grabbers!

But I have to face facts.

As it stands today, I just don’t have the resources to run the kind of programs needed to secure the victories Second Amendment supporters deserve.

That’s why I’m counting on you to tell me where to focus.

So won’t you please fill out and submit your Minnesota Gun Rights’ Member Ballot right away?

Of course, when you do so, you’ll notice I’ve included one more option that I haven’t yet mentioned.


This is the option I’m hoping you’ll choose.

But before you consider making this selection, please understand just how serious this situation is.

Without a massive influx of funds, I won’t be able to run a full campaign on either of the issues I told you about.

Frankly, I can’t even think about running any one of these programs half-hearted, Site.

Bloomberg and his cronies will sniff out our weakness and become emboldened to jump back into Minnesota with both feet!

That’s why my hope is you will agree to a generous gift of $250 right away.

I know that’s a lot. I know I’m asking you to stretch.

But Minnesota Gun Rights’ members and supporters have never let me down before.

As a result, there’s no organization that politicians in Minnesota fear more than Minnesota Gun Rights.

But the work you and I have ahead of us in 2017 is some of the most important in our history.

So if $250 is just too much, will you please agree to $100 or at least $25?

With time running out before the State Legislature convenes, I simply must hear from you right away.

Please don’t delay.

Please fill out your Member Ballot and submit it to me along with your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or at least $25 right away.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Without a massive influx of funds, I simply can’t do everything that needs to be done.

With big opportunities to move forward with both Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry, I’m afraid this is bad, bad news.

So I need you to tell me where to focus.

Please fill out your Member Ballot and return it to me along with your most generous gift of $250, $100, $50 or at least $25 TODAY!

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