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If you’ve already renewed your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights and are receiving this email by mistake, thank you so much for your generous support.

But if you haven’t yet renewed your membership, I hope I can count on you to renew your membership for 2018 with your most generous and IMMEDIATE contribution.

The truth is, 2018 is going to be an absolutely critical year for Second Amendment supporters here in Minnesota.

After the recent horrors in Texas and Las Vegas, the gun-grabbers’ chief ringleader in the State Senate, Ron Latz (D-St. Louis Park) continues to push for massive new gun control schemes, convinced he can cobble together enough votes from both sides of the aisle to RAM gun control into law.

The Gun Control Lobby believes they’ll have no problem electing yet another anti-gun Governor. And if they can seize back control of the House as well next November, the gun-grabbers are convinced the Senate will pass virtually anything they dream up, including:

        CHECKS.” This is a favorite of Senator Latz and BILLIONAIRE gun-
grabber Michael Bloomberg.

But what they never admit is that this is nothing more than code for
STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION! The only way such a scheme could
be enforced is for government to keep track of every gun and gun owner
in the state!

wants to run into a madman with a gun. But what gun-grabbers never
admit is laws are already on the books preventing those who are
adjudicated as a danger from owning or buying weapons.

What gun-grabbers really want is to give government bureaucrats the
ability to strip law-abiding Second Amendment supporters of their
liberties just because they don’t like your race, religion or politics!

Sadly, even this will do nothing to solve the problem of madmen going on
shooting rampages. The only way to do that is to finally ELIMINATE so-
called “gun free zones!”

*** THE GAG ACT. This “election reform” scheme is meant to shut Second
Amendment supporters up, effectively making it impossible to
communicate about a candidate’s positions on the issues at election time
without breaking the law.

But since it helps ensure incumbent politicians’ reelections, members of
BOTH parties love it!

Sadly, each day our supposed “allies” in St. Paul fail to deliver on the majorities that Second Amendment supporters handed them in 2016 only emboldens the gun-grabbers that much more.

So while we must remain vigilant against all anti-gun attacks, we have to continue to push for pro-gun reforms like Stand-Your-Ground law.

After all, sometimes the best defense is a good OFFENSE!

If passed, the Minnesota Stand-Your-Ground Bill would simply state that law-abiding Minnesota gun owners can defend themselves against criminal attack without fear of being targeted by an anti-gun prosecutor.

Under Stand-Your-Ground, law-abiding gun owners would:

1)     No longer face a so-called “duty to retreat.” In a situation where your
life is on the line, the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is what
some anti-gun judge or prosecutor might say;

2)     Receive criminal immunity from anti-gun prosecutors. In other words,
no more anti-gun prosecutors trying to make an example of you — or
taking a case to court to make a political statement;

  3)     Receive civil immunity. That means the money-grubbing family of
some thug you had to defend yourself against can’t come after you in
court and sue you for millions.

Without each piece of this three-legged stool — which Minnesotans DO NOT currently enjoy — those who defend themselves are effectively sitting ducks.

So join with Minnesota Gun Rights today and help us FIGHT!

The good news is — just forcing votes puts you and me in a win/win situation.

Either we pass Stand-Your-Ground now, or we EXPOSE gun-grabbers in both houses of the Minnesota State Legislature.

When exposed, the Gun Control Lobby’s allies go down in flames at the ballot box — just like we saw here in Minnesota in 2014 and 2016.

Even if Governor Dayton vetoes, it will only guarantee that Stand-Your-Ground becomes one of the top issues in our 2018 Governor’s race — which is the LAST thing the Gun Control Lobby wants, no matter how emboldened they seem after Texas and Las Vegas.

With your help, Minnesota Gun Rights is preparing the biggest and baddest election year program in our history in 2018 if I can raise the resources.

That means mail, email, targeted online media, and even hard-hitting radio and TV ads to ensure Minnesota Second Amendment supporters know the TRUTH about where their candidates stand on critical gun rights issues.

That’s why it’s so important that you renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights right away!

You’ve seen firsthand the effectiveness of our program.

In the nine races targeted by Minnesota Gun Rights in 2016, eight were won by Second Amendment supporters!

Imagine if we had the resources to target 15! Or even 20! That could send Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun goons packing for good!

So as you renew your membership for 2018, I hope you’ll agree to stretch and give more than you’ve done in the past.

In a world where politicians and organizations will often promise the world and deliver nothing, I couldn’t be more proud of the real results Minnesota Gun Rights’ members and supporters have been able to accomplish.

I’ll admit, I was saddened to hear that we haven’t yet heard from you regarding your renewed membership for 2018.

I know I’ve told you this before. But you’re a critical part of Minnesota Gun Rights’ winning team.

It’s because of you that not one gun control bill has passed into law here in Minnesota since Minnesota Gun Rights’ formation.

It’s because of you we have the opportunity today to finally pass Stand-Your-Ground, Site.

So please join or renew your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights right now!

I can’t bear to see you walk away now — not with everything Second Amendment supporters are facing in 2018.

Not when we could be on the precipice of even more major victories.

Not when we have the opportunity to finally tell the national Gun Control Lobby they’re NOT WELCOME in Minnesota!

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For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

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