We got ’em on the ropes!

I’m cautiously optimistic… 

But we got ’em on the ropes!

The news is spreading all across the state and throughout the capitol building that the programs Minnesota Gun Rights has been running all session long are creating a massive log jam in the DFL’s gun control proposals!

The lefty Star Tribune had this to say about the possibility of passing gun control this year:

Three freshman DFL senators — Robert Kupec of Moorhead, Grant Hauschild of Hermantown and Judy Seeberger of Afton — all said they have concerns with certain gun control bills.”

The Strib goes on:

Kupec said he has issues with all the gun bills but declined to discuss his specific positions, citing ongoing negotiations. He said he can envision himself voting for new restrictions with the right bill, but added, “I don’t know if we’re going to get there or not.”


Gun-rights advocates already have singled out Hauschild with radio and digital ads , telling constituents to call him because he potentially could be the decisive vote on gun bills. “We are one vote away from extreme gun control in Minnesota,” one ad said.”

Josh, these are THE THREE that MGR has been hammering on all session long with radio ads, online ads, text campaigns, direct mail and more and so far, we’re stopping them in their tracks!

That’s because, just since the beginning of session, MGR has:

>>> Sent 17,000 text messages mobilizing gun owners in targeted districts. 

>>> Spent over $40,000 on online ads in the top 5 districts

>>> Spent THOUSANDS of dollars on radio ads in SD 3 and others

>>> Testified against this legislation in committee in St Paul

>>> Gotten over 45,000 petitions signed by gun owners

>>> Gotten over 825,000 views on our videos, mobilizing gun owners

>>> Poured an untold amount of emails into the capitol in St Paul

>>> Dumped thousands of phone calls from 2A supporters into St Paul

>>> Worked very closely with PRO-GUN allies at the capitol

The fact is, a lot of organizations talk the talk but don’t put the money where their mouths are. And when the chips are down, they welch and are powerless to stop these tyrannical b@stards. 

Here at MGR, we put in the time and the work and we fight like mad dogs to win big for gun owners!

But this fight isn’t over till they adjourn in May and the Left is pushing harder than ever before, so please make a contribution NOW to help us keep the heat on! 


You’ve seen what your help has done so far. Don’t stop now!

We’ll keep you updated on the fight for the 2A in the days ahead and thank you for all your support!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights