We can’t take our feet off their necks

We can’t take our feet off their necks.

Yesterday the House Public Safety Committee chairman Brian Johnson held hearings on two MAJOR gun control bills – HF1669 and HF1605.

Under HF 1669 we’d have:

*** Universal Gun Registration: If you wanted to give your spouse a firearm to carry for self-defense, you’d be required to take them to your local Sheriff’s office and run a BACKGROUND CHECK on them, like a criminal, before giving them the firearm.

This background checks scheme is nothing more than code for STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION and has been a major goal of anti-gun militants in the capitol for years.


Because there’s no way such a scheme can be enforced without tracking every gun and gun owner in the state! And as you and I both know, registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION.

Under HF1605 we’d have:

*** “Red Flags Orders:” Anyone who you’ve EVER had a romantic relationship with — like a spurned girlfriend or boyfriend, an angry and violent ex or even a long past “fling” — could file for a NO GUN “red flag order” against you!

Under H.F. 1605, it can also be done ex parte — which means you could lose your gun rights without even being able to defend yourself in court.

The fact is, if passed, law-abiding citizens would have more due process rights for traffic violations than their gun rights.

So what did the “pro-gun” majority in the committee do?

They “laid the bills on the table.”

In other words, they refused to take the necessary vote to KILL the gun-control bills entirely.

Instead they deliberately insured that both bills remained alive so they may be taken up for further committee hearings and considerations at any time they please.

Worse, they were assisted by their pals Rob Doar and Bryan Strawser from MNGOC in doing so.

As we’ve been telling you for weeks, House leadership under Kurt Daudt is in full blown retreat — pandering to the anti-gun Left who are screaming for gun control — instead of standing up and going to WAR for gun owners.

We shouldn’t be holding hearings on gun control. We should be passing Stand-Your-Ground law!

And because of this showing of weakness by legislative leadership, the anti-gun militants at the capitol are even more emboldened and excited than ever

Now we’re hearing that because of their success in keeping their other gun-control bills alive,  Rep. Linda Slocum’s gun-control MEGA bill, HF3022, will likely be coming up for hearings in the very near future.

But I can promise you, Minnesota Gun Rights will be fighting like mad dogs every step of the way against these attacks, no matter WHICH party is pushing these gun control bills.

Site, gun owners don’t do all the heavy lifting at election time to install pro-gun majorities in St Paul just to be stabbed in the back by those same majorities when they’re needed most.

That’s why we need to keep the pressure up in St Paul and be fully prepared for the next wave of gun control — whether it’s another hearing on HF1669 and HF1605 or Slocum’s HF3022 — that promises to be coming in the next few weeks.

So if you haven’t signed your petition OPPOSING Slocum’s Gun-Control MEGA Bill, please do so now!

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Stay active, stay mobilized and stay tuned for more updates on these bills.

For Freedom,

Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Yesterday the House Public Safety Committee held hearings on two MAJOR gun control bills, HF1669 and HF1605.

Weak legislators in the majority party caved to the gun-grabbers  and “laid the bills on the table,” meaning instead of voting to kill the bills, they insured both gun-control bills are STILL ALIVE to be brought forward for another hearing or floor action in the future!

Seeing this weak show of force, insiders are telling us that Rep. Linda Slocum’s Gun Control MEGA bill will likely be coming up for a committee hearing in the very near future.

So sign your petition right away telling your state Representative and Senator to vote HECK NO on HF3022!

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