WATCH: MGR Confronts Tim Walz!

All year long Tim Walz has been avoiding Minnesota Gun Rights, terrified of being asked questions he doesn’t want to answer

We’d go by his office in the Capitol building just to find it empty most days. 

When he held press conferences and bill signings, he’d do it in off-site locations where nobody could find him.

But when Bloomberg’s shill organizations announced a gun control rally at the capitol last week, with Tim Walz as the keynote speaker, we knew we had our chance

Being at the capitol so often as we are, we waited until he was done giving his long-winded gun control screech and then I walked up and asked him some simple questions… 

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As you can see, he turned and ran like a whipped dog and refused to answer the easiest questions.

He’s willing to spout his propaganda to his followers and in his places of political safety, but when it comes to every-day Minnesotans asking him questions, he clams up.  

And the irony of ARMED BODY GUARDS following him around wherever he goes is not lost on gun owners, hunters and every-day Minnesotans! 

He gets armed protection at all times while trying to take YOUR guns away. leaving you helpless against violent attacks, car-jackings and his inner-city thugs.  

The fact of the matter is Tim Walz desperately wants to take your guns away so that HE has all the power — and all the guns. 

The Left has always tried to disarm their political opponents and we all know why…

At the end of the day, Minnesotans DO NOT support his agenda to take our guns away through Red Flag Gun Confiscations orders. Neither do we support his agenda to track, trace and register gun owners like sex offenders through his Universal Background Checks scheme. 

We’ll keep our freedom. 

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Let’s keep fighting all the way till they adjourn on May 22!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights