Vote Scheduled for Stand-Your-Ground

Great news!

Thanks to the avalanche of your calls, emails, and Facebook messages to the House Rules committee demanding a hearing and vote on Stand-Your-Ground (HF238), a vote has finally been scheduled.

The hearing and scheduled vote is set for Monday, May 15 at 11:00am.

But now is NOT the time to back down or relax.

Right now we need to pour on the pressure like never before to make sure HF238 passes with NO WEAKENING AMENDMENTS!

We’ve seen it happen time and again in other states where gun owners did the hard work of getting a bill to the floor only to have it watered down with last minute anti-gun amendments.

>>> In North Dakota: where gun owners are celebrating the passage of Constitutional Carry earlier this year, it was watered down at the last minute to ONLY apply to residents.

>>> In neighboring Iowa: where they just passed Stand-Your-Ground law, it was nearly gutted by a last-minute amendment to strip criminal immunity language.

>>> In Maine: where they have Constitutional Carry, a last minute amendment passed to require “notification upon contact” of an officer that you’re carrying a firearm.

We can NOT afford to have these types of watered down amendments happen here in Minnesota.

And remember, this is not a backroom tactic used only by anti-gunners when trying to water down your Second Amendment freedoms.

Like we saw in Iowa last month, even weak-kneed pro-gunners who desperately want to maintain alliances with anti-gun members of their caucus will choke under the pressure and do the bidding of their anti-gun buddies.

You and I have fought tooth and nail to push this bill out of the Rules Committee and we can NOT sit back and let anti-gunners and weak-kneed pro-gunners water it down.

That’s why I need you to contact the members of the House Rules Committee and tell them to vote HF238 out of committee and to the House Floor with NO WEAKENING AMENDMENTS!


Chair Joyce Peppin
Phone: 651-296-5068
Email: [email protected]

Representative Tony Albright
Phone: 651-296-9194
Email: [email protected]

Representative Jim Nash
Phone: 651-296-5497
Email: [email protected]

Representative Dave Baker
Phone: 651-296-9471
Email: [email protected]

Representative Kelly Fenton
Phone: 651-296-5998
Email: [email protected]

Representative Bob Gunther
Phone: 651-296-8871
Email: [email protected]

Representative Debra Kiel
Phone: 651-296-9471
Email: [email protected]

Representative Tim O’Driscoll
Phone: 651-296-3921
Email: [email protected]

Representative Marion O’Neill
Phone: 651-296-8187
Email: [email protected]

Representative Cindy Pugh
Phone: 651-296-3889
Email: [email protected]

Representative Dennis Smith
Phone: 651-296-5380
Email: [email protected]

Representative Chris Swedzinski
Phone: 651-296-9194
Email: [email protected]

Time is very short.

It’s absolutely critical that they hear from you right away

As always, when you’re done please forward this email to all of your pro-gun family and friends and ask them to contact the committee members too.

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Right

P.S. Because of all the pressure you’ve poured on to the House Rules committee members, a vote has finally been scheduled for Stand-Your-Ground (HF238) for Monday, May 15 at 11am.

But we can’t back down now!

Anti-gunners will most certainly try to water down HF238 with anti-gun amendments designed to gut Stand-Your-Ground.

That’s why I’m asking you to call and email the Rules Committee members listed above and tell them to pass HF238 out of their committee with NO WEAKENING AMENDMENTS of any kind!

When you’re done, forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to call and make their voices heard as well.

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