VIDEO UPDATE on House Gun Control Vote

We’ve been in St Paul all day and I have a quick update for you. 

The House is debating the gun control bills as we speak and it could go on for a long time yet. 

So please watch this live video for some details from on the ground and keep the pressure up all the way to the end!

And if you can chip in and help us defeat this or the next wave of gun control, please do so now!

— Ben

Dear Josh,

I’m on my way to the Capitol. Today is the day. 

With only 7 days left in the 2023 legislative session, and the Senate barely squeezing out the votes last weekend on their gun control bill, the Minnesota House will be voting on Red Flag Gun Confiscations and Universal Background Checks, starting at 10:00am. 

MGR will be there, doing everything that can be done, but I need you to click the link below and tell your House Rep to VOTE NO on the Gun Control Omnibus bill today!

Whatever happens today, this fight is not over. 

These tyrannical b@stards may get Red Flag Laws in Minnesota. They may get Universal Background Checks. But we’ve seen what they actually want…

Physical and mental health tests for gun ownership. Mandatory insurance to carry a firearm. A ban on all magazines over 10 rounds. Forced firearms storage laws. AR-15 bans and more have been introduced already.  

So send your email NOW and when you’re done, make an emergency donation today to help us keep our radio ads, online ads, text campaigns, direct mail campaigns and more running FULL STEAM

Keep the faith and stay tuned for videos and a recap from the capitol. 

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights