VIDEO: It’s been SIX years since…

We’re less than 2 weeks into the 2022 legislative session and the fight is on. 

Democrats are introducing big gun control bills, like Rep. Sandell’s H.F. 2705, the semi-auto gun registration and magazine ban bill, and some Senate Republicans are introducing their standard pro-gun bills

Only problem is, Senate Republicans have had the majority for SIX legislative sessions in a row and have never put a SINGLE pro-gun bill on the Senate floor for a vote, causing a lot of gun owners to ask why the hell we even have a GOP majority if they refuse to fight forward and put Democrats on defense for a change!

Click on this YouTube link to check watch this week’s update on the fight in St Paul and get the breakdown of what we’re up against!

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Right now the Republican Party should be going all-in pushing pro-gun bills in advance of the November elections, not cowering in fear of what the media, which is the enemy of our Republic, has to say!

Help us push this pro-gun, pro-Freedom agenda forward!

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