VIDEO: Gun Control Vote Result!

Yesterday the Minnesota House passed Universal Background Checks and Red Flag laws in the Public Safety Omnibus bill. 

This was no surprise. As we laid out in the email below, the House is passing these bills now in order to pressure the Senate DFL to pass them too!

And thanks to MGR Nation and the $100,000 worth of pressure campaigns we’ve dropped on their heads, the Senate is struggling to find the votes!

To watch our LIVE video filmed during the gun control rally, CLICK HERE or on the image below!

While at the capitol, we confronted Tim Walz, in person and demanded to know why he’s trying to destroy our Constitution and disarm lawful Minnesotans.

In our next email, we’ll send you the video so you can see his response for yourself! He certainly didn’t expect to be asked the hard questions on camera. 

For now, the battle over these gun control bills goes to a “conference committee” and we’ll have more action items on that front very shortly

In the meantime, you should be very proud! No “blue” state in America has held off the hoards of gun control activists as long as MGR Nation has done in Minnesota. 

If you can contribute to our POWERFUL program, please do so now and know that your financial help is being used to HAMMER the Minnesota Senate!

Let’s keep fighting all the way till they adjourn on May 22!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights