VICTORY in Conference Committee!

I have great news!

Thanks to the pressure that you and tens of thousands of gun owners all across Minnesota poured on, yesterday afternoon the Conference Committee on SF802 FAILED to pass the bill with Red Flag Gun Seizures and Universal Gun Registration in it.

The final vote was 5-5, a tie.

In conference committee, which has 5 Senators and 5 Representatives, each body of 5 needs to individually vote to pass the bills and that did not happen.

I have to tell you, it was a brawl.

Paid anti-gun activists turned out in droves, demanding the committee vote to strip you of your Constitutional rights.

(Paid Bloomberg shills show up to attack the Second Amendment)

Liberal media reporters were stacked outside the committee room waiting to interview as many anti-gun lawmakers they could after the vote was taken.

(Liberal media lining the capitol halls)

Freshman anti-gun state Representative Ruth Richardson took the stand to push her garbage gun control bill, Red Flag Gun Seizures, calling on the committee to pass this legislation immediately!

As you know, this legislation would destroy our Bill of Rights and allow virtually anyone to make the claim that you’re “dangerous” and have you firearms seized with no due process, no day in court, no arrest, trial or conviction!

Many people at the hearing had questions on how a Red Flag Gun Seizure bill would be implemented without treading on the rights of gun owners but and after fumbling around for a while, it was clear that Rep Richardson was clueless.

(Rep. Richardson, the House sponsor of Red Flag Gun Seizures)

Notoriously anti-gun Representative (Crooked) Dave Pinto introduced the bill he wants most and has been championing for years, Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration!

As you know, under this bill, every day gun owners would become instant felons for the “crime” of giving a firearm to your spouse for protection, giving an heirloom rifle to a grandchild or even loaning a shotgun to a friend for a hunting trip without going through a government “check” first.

(House sponsor for Universal Gun Registration Dave Pinto)

Anti-gun Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts was more than happy to use his Mayor-appointed badge to advocate for Constitution-shredding Red Flag Gun Seizure legislation.

In a time when fantastic Americans, like Sheriff Steve Reams from Colorado, are standing up and REFUSING to enforce these unconstitutional laws, metro-city Police Chiefs like Potts choose to attack our freedom instead!

(Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts)

But he wasn’t the only one in a badge advocating for gun control!

Notoriously anti-gun Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie took the mic to gloat about how he and others like him will have exceptions in these laws and will not have to personally abide by them if they should pass.

He was adamantly in support of Universal Gun Registration!

(Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie)

And of course, the most radical left wing lunatic in all of St Paul, notoriously anti-gun Senator Ron Latz hogged the microphone and demanded passage of these gun control bills, telling the room that it would be “grossly negligent not to take a step like this” and ram gun control into law!

(Bloomberg’s chief water boy in St Paul, Senator Ron Latz)

But it wasn’t all anti-gunners! Many fantastic MGR members turned out to make sure there was a tremendous pro-gun showing at the hearing.

One of those patriots, Larry, is in the picture below. Larry is a damn fine man and a better fighter for the future of Minnesota, there is none.

It was my honor to stand there with him and so many others against gun control in the committee yesterday!

(MGR Director Ben Dorr (right) with Larry Ahlman (left), a great man)

Because in spite of all the anti-gun pressure, the voices of Minnesota Gun Rights members THUNDERED in St Paul and the committee did not dare pass Red Flag Gun Seizures of Universal Gun Registration yesterday.

And for that, my biggest thank you!

If you’d like to JOIN Minnesota Gun Rights as a member, we’d love to have you and you can do so by clicking this link or the image below!

But this fight is not over and we can not let off the gas.

Though it seems unlikely that these bills will move any more this legislative session, anything can happen in the final days.

With the Republicans and Democrats currently lock jawed on the state budget and how much they want to fleece the people for, everything, including gun rights, may be used as a bargaining chip.

So if you can help us finish this fight STRONG, please consider a contribution by clicking on this link.

We’ll have more updates coming very soon but for now, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done and let’s see this all the way to the end.

For Minnesota,

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights