URGENT Gun Rights Alert For CD7!

The August 11th Republican Primaries are coming up fast and I’ve good news and bad news for gun owners in Congressional District 7!

First, the good news:

Your candidate, Major Dave Hughes, has filled out his Minnesota Gun Rights Candidate Survey 100% PRO-GUN and has promised, in writing, to champion the Second Amendment in Washington if he wins in November.

He’s promised to OPPOSE Federal Red Flags laws and Universal Gun Registration, and to fight to end Federal Gun Free Zones which are no more than killings fields for deranged criminals.

He’s promised to fight to protect the gun rights of our veterans (of which he is one!) whos Second Amendment rights are often under attack under the guise of “mental health gun control.”

This is very good news for gun owners in CD7 and all across the state of Minnesota!

So if you live in CD-7, be sure to thank Dave Hughes for standing TALL for our gun rights!

(Congressional District 7 Republican Candidate Major Dave Hughes)

Now, I’m afraid I have bad news:

Candidate Michelle Fischbach has so far REFUSED to fill out her Minnesota Gun Rights Candidate Survey telling gun owners what she would do if elected.

In a congressional district as pro-gun as CD7 is, this is unbelievable!

Gun owners from across the district have been reporting to us that they’re insisting she fill out her survey, but she’s refusing.

But we’re not surprised.

​After all, gun owners remember when MGR was fighting tooth and nail during the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions to pass Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry law, when we had GOP majorities in both chambers of the legislature and only weak, anti-gun Governor Mark Dayton standing in the way.

As Senate President in 2017, Michelle Fischbach had the power to pass these pro-gun bills through her GOP majority Senate, and instead, she teamed up with Mark Dayton and killed EVERY single pro-gun bill that was introduced.

Every single one.

(Former Senator Michelle Fischbach with anti-gun governor Mark Dayton)

The truth is, even without a completed survey from Michelle Fischbach, gun owners already know where she stands on the Second Amendment.

, we live in a time where the radical left is attacking our freedoms front, right and center.

They want to destroy our Second Amendment, our history, our culture and our heritage of freedom.

We need WARRIORS in office, fighting for the causes we hold most dear, not weak, anti-gun moderates who will turn on us on a dime.

So be sure to thank Major Hughes for his boldness is filling out his MGR candidate survey, and tell Michelle Fischbach to come clean on her record and apologize for killing Stand-Your-Ground law and refusing to fill our her candidate survey!

And when you’re done, please consider making an immediate contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights!

We’re rolling out a massive, targeted campaign exposing anti-gun candidates who are trying to hide from their record and lie to gun owners to get into office and we need your help to get it done.

Bloomberg is unloading millions of dollars into Minnesota hoping to take control of our entire state government, and the only force standing in his way is the members of Minnesota Gun Rights!

So make a contribution right away and we’ll be it right to the fight in these targeted districts.

And when you go out to vote on Tuesday, be sure to VOTE PRO-GUN!

For Minnesota, 

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights


P.S. In the Congressional District 7 Republican Primary, Major Dave Hughes has filled out his MGR candidate survey 100% PRO-GUN and is promising to FIGHT for gun owners!

On the other hand, Michelle Fischbach is refusing to fill out her candidate survey and is refusing to come clean on her record of fighting to stop Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry from becoming law!

Be sure to thank Dave Hughes for standing up and tell Michelle Fischbach to apologize for stabbing gun owners in the back!

And if you can, please consider a contribution to help us expose anti-gun politicians in the August primaries and the 2020 general election.