Two Anti-Gun Bills Getting Crammed Through the Legislature

With anti-gun majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate and a ready ally in the Governor’s Mansion, gun-rights are under constant threat of attack.

Today that threat became a reality as two anti-gun bills were introduced in the Minnesota Senate!

Looking to capitalize on their anti-gun majorities, Senators Ron Latz, Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Hayden and David Tomassoni are trying to cram two anti-gun bills through public hearings on Thursday!

There’s not a moment to waste, and I need your help stopping these bills dead in their tracks.

Senate File 2639, introduced by gun-grabbing Senators Ron Latz (DFL-St Louis Park, Metro) and Jeff Hayden(DFL-Minneapolis, Metro), is a bill “prohibiting persons subject to domestic violence restraining orders from possessing weapons.”

Sounds good, right? After all, nobody likes a scumbag wife-beater, right?

But that sentiment is just the reaction they’re counting on folks like you to have so that they can disguise the bill’s REAL agenda…

obliterating your Rights to Due Process and to Keep and Bear Arms.

Just think, have you ever had an argument with a family member, a roommate or even an ex-spouse?

We all likely know someone whose former “significant other” has used this system to “gin up” support for their custody or divorce case by filing a protective order.

Under this bill, all that person would have to do is simply say they’re afraid you might be “dangerous” and you lose your guns.

No due process. No trial or conviction. Heck, they can even take away your guns ex parte, meaning you might not even be notified or have a chance to defend yourself in court!

Literally, you could be hard at work at your job while a vengeful ex and a willing “family court” judge, unbeknownst to you, are stripping away your Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the first you might hear about it is from a deputy serving you notice and demanding your firearms!

In fact, if passed, Senate File 2639 would force all guilty-until-proven-innocent parties to surrender their guns to the local law enforcement or firearms dealer and pay a “reasonable fee” for storage to boot.   

The truth is, even if you are found innocent of any wrongdoing there is still no guarantee you’ll EVER get your property back, because the law-enforcement agencies and firearm dealers are free to establish whatever policy they want for “disposal of abandoned firearms.”

This presumably includes a policy of how long they feel like storing them before declare them “abandoned” and start auctioning them off!

But should you get lucky and your firearm be returned to you damaged, through negligence, recklessness or even malice, well, that’s your problem.

Don’t be fooled, SF2639 is just another violation of due process and the first step towards forcing citizens with so much as a speeding ticket to hand over their guns.

The other nasty gun-control bill (SF2690) is being sponsored by Senator David Tomassoni (DFL-Chisolm, Range area), and the bill is pure Draconian radicalism!

You see, right now it’s legal for a permit holder to carry a firearm in the State Capitol complex as long as you notify the Commissioner of Public Safety before-hand.

But after “serving” in the legislature since 1992, Tomassoni has decided he wants to force law-abiding citizens to re-notify the Commissioner of their intent to carry at the capitol complex every time they renew their carry permit!

If you don’t, they’ll throw virtually everything in the book at you!

Forgetting to “renotify” and accidentally carrying a firearm at the capitol complex will be a FELONY OFFENSE.

But it gets worse.

Not only could this mistake incur a brutal felony, you could serve up to 5 years in jail and pay a $10,000 fine, before lawyer fees!

This is nothing other than an outrage!

And that’s why it’s vital you act immediately!

You see, the gun control lobby knows just as well as you and I do that if they were upfront about their intentions to destroy all gun rights, their plan would never succeed.

That’s why for the past several years the gun control crowd has been using their handpicked politicians to slowly chip away at our Second Amendment freedoms hoping no one would notice.

You and I both know gun control is NOT the answer to our crime problem — and not one of our Constitutional rights is up for “debate.”

The fact is, every new restriction creates more bureaucracy that will spend more of our tax dollars and force police to waste time on paperwork instead of patrolling the streets.

Of course, with the Legislature now in session, the gun control lobby — with the help of its “pals” in the media — is ratcheting up the pressure on the Legislature to “vote first and ask questions later.”

So to stop this scheme, you and I must rally grassroots support and turn up even more pressure on your State Senator.

Here’s what you can do:

***  Email the sponsors of this legislation and tell them that you’re sick and tired of their efforts to cram radical gun-control down our throats.

Or — better yet –- call them on the phone and tell them that Anti-American radicalism has no place in Minnesota and to immediately withdraw their draconian “legislation.”  

Here is their information!

Senator Ron Latz (Gun-Confiscation Bill)

   Email – (actual email unlisted)

   Phone – 651.297.8065 (senate)

   Phone – 952.545.9065 (home)

   Phone – 952.224.9052 (business)

Senator Jeff Hayden (Gun-Confiscation Bill)

   Email – [email protected]

   Phone – 651.296.4261

Senator David Tomassoni (Capitol Felony Bill)

   Email – [email protected]

   Phone – 651.296.8017 (senate)

   Phone – 218.254.3430 (home)

***  Next, call and email the members of the Judiciary Committee who are holding hearings on these bills this THURSDAY.

They need to know that actions taken during the legislative season have consequences during the election season!

Senator Ron Latz (Judiciary Committee CHAIR)

   Email – (actual email unlisted)

   Phone – 651.297.8065 (senate)

   Phone – 952.545.9065 (home)

   Phone – 952.224.9052 (business)

Senator Barb Goodwin (DFL-Columbia Heights)(Vice Chair)

   Email – (actual unlisted)

   Phone – 651.296.4334 (senate)

   Phone – 763.574.1716 (home)

Senator Warren Limmer (R-Maple Grove)(Ranking Member)

   Email – [email protected]

   Phone – 651.296.2159 (senate)

   Phone – 763.493.9646 (home)

Senator Richard Cohen (DFL-St. Paul)

   Email – (actual unlisted)

   Phone – 651.296.5931 (senate)

   Phone – 651.699.4476 (home)

   Phone – 651.645.0511 (business)

Senator Dan Hall (R-Burnsville)

   Email – [email protected]

   Phone – 651.296.5975 (senate)

Senator Kathy Sheran (DFL-Mankato)

   Email – [email protected]

   Phone – 651.296.6153 (senate)

   Phone – 507.344.2155 (home)

Senator Kari Dziedzic (DFL-Minneapolis)

   Email – (actual unlisted)

   Phone – 651.296.7809 (senate)

   Phone – 612.623.7758 (home)

Senator Julianne Ortman (R-Chanhassen)

   Email – [email protected]

   Phone – 651.296.4837 (senate)

   Phone – 612.386.8523 (cell)

***  Also, please include — if you can –- a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 or $35 to help mobilize other freedom-loving citizens for this battle.
These bills are another power grab by the gun control crowd to steal even more of our gun rights. We cannot let them gain anymore ground!

Please act TODAY!


Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. With powerful anti-gun majorities in the Legislature, the gun grabbers in St. Paul are determined to strip all Minnesotans of their due process rights and their Second Amendment Rights with the passage of SF2639 and SF2690.

Please help me fight back by emailing and calling the Senators listed above RIGHT NOW and demand they drop this draconian legislation!

To help with this vital program, please include a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 or $35 today.