Tim Walz: “We need more gun control”

Tim Walz is furious at gun owners and he wants revenge. 

The fact is, King Walz intends to make gun control a staple of his time in office, his “high achievement” for Minnesota

But Minnesota Gun Rights members have put the breaks on his agenda so hard over the last 4 years, nobody in the legislature can twitch when it comes to the Second Amendment without getting permission from MGR members first. 

But now, after the recent killings in Texas and Chicago, Tim Walz is demanding a special session to pass his bloated budget bills AND massive gun control in Minnesota!

We’re not going to let that happen!

You see, Democrats recently held a press conference at the capitol in St Paul insisting Minnesota pass Red Flag Gun Confiscations, Statewide Gun Registration and a host of new gun control ideas they’ve been preparing

But what they want most is Senator John Marty’s “NUCLEAR GUN CONTROL” bills that they were pushing during the legislative session and if ANY gun control makes it on to the floor for a special session, they’ll ram this through. 

Remember, if passed, S.F. 3377 and S.F. 3378 would require:

1. Registration of ALL Firearms
2. Only 1 Gun Purchase Per 30 Days
3. Registration of ALL Magazines Over 10rds
4. Police Chiefs to Issue Permits to Carry
5. Mental AND Physical Heath Tests for a Permit
6. Mandatory Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearm
7. Registration of All .50cal Firearms
8. Firearms BANNED in ALL Government Buildings
9. Permits to Own ANY Firearms
10. Liability Insurance for ALL Firearms Owners

As you can see, if any ONE of those line items became law, it would wreck our Second Amendment in major ways and pave the way for total tyranny.

So click here or on the button below and tell your Representative and Senator in St Paul that you want NO special session on gun control and a NO VOTE on Senator Marty’s bills!


All we have to do is hold the line on a special session, expose the radical gun grabbers during this election season and wreak havoc on their gun control agenda in November.

If you can help with that, please chip in whatever you can to stop the special session and gear up for the August primaries and the November General election

We’ve been fighting like hell in D.C. for weeks and it’s time to remind Minnesota politicians that they answer to you and me, not Tim Walz and not billionaire gun control activists like Michael Bloomberg.

Thank you for always answering the call for freedom and for fighting back alongside us! 

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. For more information and tools to stop Tim Walz and the gun grabbers in St Paul, check out our website at www.MinnesotaGunRights.org.