Tim Walz on the Second Amendment: A Mystery Wrapped in Confusion

October 16, 2014

In the wake of the horrific Newtown tragedy in late 2012, Second Amendment supporters stood up and stopped the biggest assault on our gun rights in a generation.

But it was a very close call.

In fact, the gun-grabbers now believe they’re just one election away from RAMMING their entire anti-gun agenda into law!

And I’m afraid — with BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg currently spending $50 million this election year to defeat pro-gun candidates — they might be right.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical you know where your candidates for the United States Congress in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District stand on protecting our Second Amendment.

Minnesota Gun Rights, in conjunction with the National Association for Gun Rights, surveyed all candidates for the U.S. House and Senate here in Minnesota.

Today, I have good news and bad news to report to you.

The good news is, Republican Jim Hagedorn answered his MGR-NAGR Candidate Survey in 100% support of our gun rights!

In fact, Hagedorn pledged to oppose ALL of the gun-grabbers’ schemes including expanded universal “background checks” (NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION).

Sadly, Democrat Tim Walz has so far REFUSED to say where he stands on our Second Amendment rights.

But his public statements and even voting record speak for themselves:

*** Told the Star Tribune “I’ve got feet firmly in different camps … between the right of gun ownership and public safety.”

In other words, the minute he feels that public opinion outweighs your right to defend yourself or your family, he’s jumping ship;

*** Said he is “open and willing” to banning standard firearms like AR15 sport/utility rifles (12/18/2012).

Used for home protection, varmint control and sport shooting, his vote to ban these firearms would make criminals out of millions of law-abiding Americans and do virtually nothing to stop criminals bent on violent crime;

*** Voted just this year with anti-gun fanatic Nancy Pelosi to appropriate an additional $20,000,000 for the National Gun Database scam known as NICS (H249, 5/29/14).

A national database of every gun and every gun owner is the first step towards outright confiscation;

Now, Tim Walz won’t even return his Candidate Survey and tell you and me where he stands!

It sure looks like he’s planning to vote with Bloomberg and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi if elected.

As I mentioned, the gun-grabbers are only a handful of votes away in both houses of Congress from RAMMING their entire anti-gun agenda into law, including:


This was the key provision of the so-called Manchin-Toomey compromise. It’s a central part of the U.N. “Small Arms Treaty.” And as you and I know, registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION.


Under this scheme, gun-grabbers would hand Obama administration bureaucrats the arbitrary ability to strip law-abiding American citizens of their right to keep and bear arms WITHOUT adjudication. That could be just because someone doesn’t like your race, religion or politics.


This scheme targets many commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and even handguns based on nothing more than looking “scary.”

That’s why it’s critical you act at once.

First, please contact Tim Walz by phone at 507-388-5382 or by email at [email protected] and insist he APOLOGIZE for his consistent betrayal of our Second Amendment rights in the past and pledge never to do it again.

Insist Tim Walz return his MGR-NAGR Candidate Survey in 100% support for our Second Amendment rights IMMEDIATELY.

The good news is, candidates listen most closely to the folks back home when running for office.

So right now is your best chance to turn Tim Walz around.

Secondly, please take a moment to contact Jim Hagedorn.

Thank him for pledging 100% support for our Second Amendment rights.

Finally, if you possibly can, I hope you’ll agree to a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or even $25 to help pay for this important project.

But most importantly, please contact your candidates at once!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. In your Minnesota 1st Congressional District race, Republican Jim Hagedorn has pledged 100% support for the Second Amendment.

But Democrat Tim Walz is flat-out REFUSING to answer his Candidate Survey! And as a Congressman, Walz has a history of voting and even publicly bashing our 2nd Amendment Rights!

That’s why it’s critical you contact Tim Walz at once and insist he apologize for his past anti-gun record and pledge 100% support for our gun rights IMMEDIATELY.

You can reach Tim Walz by phone at 507-388-5382 or by email at [email protected].

And if you can, please also contact Republican Jim Hagedorn and thank him for pledging to stand up for our gun rights if elected, as well.