Tim Walz Just Made THIS Announcement About Guns

Tim Walz just unveiled his MASSIVE push for gun control in 2023 and our backs are against the wall!

In a recent press release, Tim Walz promised to make his top priority:

>>> Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws; which would allow virtually anyone to make the claim that you’re “dangerous” and with no evidence, no day in court, charges, no conviction and no due process at all, you could have your firearms seized by government agents. 

>>> Statewide Gun Registration; which would require EVERY sale or transfer of a firearm to go through a government background check, making you a FELON for giving a firearm to your spouse for self defense, giving an old rifle to your grandchild for Christmas or even letting a buddy borrow a rifle for deer opener. 

>>> Raising the Age Limit to Purchase Rifles; a ‘feel-good’ gesture that’s based on ZERO fact, this legislation would allow our 18 year olds to go and fight our wars over seas but would strip them of their Constitutional right to own firearms when they come back home!

>>> BANNING all Standard Capacity Magazines; this bill would BAN every magazine over 10 rounds, and would force gun owners to turn in their standard magazines or face charges. This legislation is designed to make instant felons out of every-day Minnesotans!

This is just the start!

We fully expect all of these bills to be introduced in the near future as he hand picks his stooges in the capitol to carry this agenda.

That’s why I need the MGR army to HAMMER the red button and send our PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your state Senator and Representative telling them to VOTE NO on ALL gun control legislation this year!

The fact is, not ONE piece of this legislation would save a single life. But it’s not supposed to. It’s designed to lead to the total destruction of our Second Amendment, leaving only government agents with guns

Minnesota Gun Rights won’t stand for this and we will brutally punish any politician who stands against our Second Amendment! 

So when you’re done sending your email, please make a contribution to our cause and help us OBLITERATE the forces that want to totally unmake our Second Amendment!

Shortly we’re going to be rolling radio ads, text messages, online ads, graphics, emails, direct mail and even TV ads into districts all across the state putting MASSIVE pressure on the top DFL Senators who can STOP this gun control agenda in the Senate and your donation will help us WIN this battle!

Let me be clear. Minnesota Gun Rights is going to fight like holy hell and do everything that is necessary to stop this agenda

We will not be New York. We will not be California. We will NOT let Minnesota become Virginia when the Democrats took control back in 2019!

Help us. Donate TODAY. We can win.  

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr,
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights