These Gun Control Bills Have Been Introduced

It’s been a WILD 10 days at the capitol in St Paul. 

There’s been some major gun control bills introduced, we’ve chased radical Leftists politicians through the halls of the State Capitol and we’re making sure the entire state knows that MGR members are in charge when it comes to the Second Amendment in Minnesota!

Please take just a few minutes and check out our weekend update video below!

When you’re done watching, I hope you can chip in to our fight. 

More gun control is being introduced all the time, and MGR is getting ready to spend BIG MONEY on radio ads, TV ads, online ads, lit drops, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns and more to force this DFL-controlled legislature to STAND DOWN and stop their attacks on the 2A. 

I believe we can win, but we need your help.

So check out the video, chip in if you can and enjoy your weekend. 

Our fight resumes tomorrow!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights