The Plan to STOP Gun Control

There’s a lot of noise and chaos in St Paul right now. There always is at this time of year and it’s worse under DFL control. 

The gun-grabbers are pushing gun control bills, hearings are happening regularly, and it’s easy to sit back and wonder “what the hell are we supposed to be doing to stop this?”

So last night the MGR team filmed a LIVE video from our HQ laying out the game plan for the next few weeks (or months) and I wanted you to see it so you know where we and YOU are/should be focusing our energy to have the biggest impact!

To watch the video on Facebook, CLICK HERE

To watch the video on YouTube, CLICK HERE or on the image below!

If you watched the video then you know our path to victory lies in one place, the Senate. 

In particular with Senators like John Hoffman, Grant Hauschild, Judy Seeberger, Aric Putnam and Rob Kupec. 

In our next email, I’ll unveil our KILLER radio and online ads that are going AS WE SPEAK in districts across the state!

Actually, I’ll throw one in for you right now!

Check out this 60 second ad that’s going online AND on radio in Grant Hauschild’s district with a HUGE ad buy right now!

Minnesota Gun Rights is UNLOADING tens of THOUSANDS of dollars on the Senate right now, fulfilling our promise to FIGHT LIKE HELL for you and for our community of Patriots across the state! 

If you can chip in and help us rock the Senate back on its heels and shut this agenda down, we’d be grateful for the help!

Whatever you do, check out the top video to get a better idea of where MGR and the gun rights community are focusing right now. 

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr,
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights