The noise you heard on Monday

That noise you heard was anti-gun Minnesota legislators Ron Latz, Erin Murphy and Paul Thissen DEMANDING new gun control for Minnesota.

Latz: “I will continue to push for gun safety reforms at the State Capitol.”

: “They pour millions into fear-based campaigns to push back on common-sense gun violence prevention efforts. They do not represent most Americans. We need to stand together, to push back on their agenda. The only way to prevent another family and another city from experiencing the same is by passing state and federal legislation proven to prevent gun violence.”


Thissen: “It’s well past time to stand up… and say enough is enough! Political expediency be damned.”


We’ve been fighting these shameless political power grabs for years.

Whenever there’s a crisis, Minnesota gun-grabbers won’t let it go to waste.

They’re always testing, prodding, and preparing — we’ve seen that with the introduction of Ron Latz’ “Statewide Gun Registration” scheme for a number legislative sessions in a row.

That’s why you and I must fight back aggressively.

With gun-grabbers Latz, Thissen and Murphy on the attack on Monday, “pro-gun” legislators said virtually nothing.

Will they make protecting our Second Amendment rights a priority next session, or allow themselves to get steamrolled publicly by the left, cowering in fear of being attack by left-wing media?

Here at Minnesota Gun Rights, we won’t back down, believe me.

Our members and supporters won’t back down.

We must make time to pray for those injured and affected in Vegas, to pray for the changing of hearts in our country.

But we can’t sit and let left wingers take unlimited free shots attacking our Second Amendment rights.

We’ll see how the political battle lines develop in the coming days on the right and left . . .

One thing is for sure — we’re entering into another major political war where your activism will be needed, that I can tell you.

Remember, the gun-grabbers have BILLIONAIRES funding their gun control campaigns.

If you can, please click here and make a generous contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights to make sure we have all the resources necessary to protect Second Amendment rights in Minnesota.

Thank you — in advance — for your support and activism.

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr
Minnesota Gun Rights

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