The Gun-Control Crowd in St Paul Wants to MUZZLE Pro-Gun Organizations at Election Time!

I’m worried.

I’m hearing that anti-gun members of the legislature are doing everything they can to convince moderate legislators to pass the Gag Act (HF1944 or SF1915) before they adjourn in the next week!

Like I’ve told you before, if they’re successful in ramming this legislation into law, it would pretty much destroy the Right to Free Speech in Minnesota.

Specifically, politicians (especially the anti-gun politicians) want to make it illegal for their voting records to be made public by pro-gun organizations at election time.

They want to be able to vote against you, their boss, with impunity.

It’s a deadly attack against our 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech and it sets a dangerous precedent for future law as well.

But of course, that isn’t how the politicians are phrasing it to the folks back home. They are quick to spout off that our organization is free to do voter guides in “proximity to an election” as long as we fork over a list of our donors.

But you and I know just what they would do with a list like that

Much the same as the Internal Revenue Service targets organizations opposed to the policies of our current presidential administration, I imagine it wouldn’t be very long before the Minnesota Department of Revenue started targeting pro-gun Minnesotans as well.

Audits. Business audits. License revocations. Increased difficulty to obtain business licenses and permits.

This is how dirty politics works.

You see, these Departments in state government rely upon the Legislature for their funding.

And like all bureaucrats, these Departments each think their Department is the most important, so they all line up at budget appropriation committee meetings and beg the legislators to make sure that their department “needs” are met: annual salary increases, paid vacation time, new facilities, more full-time employees, etc.

After all, have you ever heard of a bureaucrat that didn’t think they were underpaid and overworked? So it sure isn’t hard to imagine a powerful anti-gun chairman who controls one of these committees to ask one of these departments to “take a look into so-and-so, I’ve heard some rumors about how he’s running his business that might be a concern to your Department.”

Hello, government audit. This isn’t a secret. After all, using government to destroy political enemies is a strategy that has been used for thousands of years. But just for the record, there is a 100% better chance of snorkeling in Duluth in February than there is that Minnesota Gun Rights will supply government thugs with a list of our supporters.

And that’s why I need you to act. Right now.

First, I must ask you for a generous contribution of $125, $75, $35 or whatever you can afford to Minnesota Gun Rights.

Frankly, without your support, I’m afraid I won’t have the resources necessary to take this fight to the level it needs to be fought at.We need to have people contacting their legislators by the thousands, not hundreds, and that costs money.

Next, please call your state representative and state senator on the phone and tell them very clearly that you’ll be watching their vote on these bills.

People should be free to belong to organizations that advocate for issues they believe in without fear of retribution from their government. This bill is an outrageous attack against every Minnesotan’s Right to Free Speech.

They need to be reminded that folks like you don’t elect them to go to St. Paul to stab them in the back, either. 

Last, and just as important, please forward this article on to your friends and ask them personally to do the same.

I know I’ve said this over and over again, but politics is a straight-up numbers game. And if a politician knows that he’ll face a lot of angry voters if he votes against your Gun Rights, those are numbers they don’t like.

Thank you for taking action.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. With the Legislative Session drawing to a close and campaign season on the horizon, anti-gun members of the Legislature are trying to cram through the “Gag Act,” to prohibit organizations like Minnesota Gun Rights from distributing voter guides during election season unless we fork over our supporter information.

They’re terrified that their anti-gun actions over the last two Sessions will earn them a trip to the unemployment line, so they want to make it illegal for their records to be revealed!

Please consider an emergency contribution to Minnesota Gun Rights for $125, $75, $35 or whatever you can afford right away! We’re working quickly to communicate to as many pro-gun Minnesotans as possible to take action on this nasty bill, but it takes resources to be effective.

Then, take a moment to contact your legislators and tell them to vote NO on SF1915 and HF1944 and let them know you’ll be watching their actions in light of the upcoming elections!

And lastly, please forward this email on to your friends and ask them to do the same!

This is going to happen quickly, so please don’t wait to take action.