Tell Klobuchar and Smith: Hands Off Our Military!

Gun owners across the country have been fighting back against ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in state legislatures and the United States Congress for four long years, and largely winning!

While things change fast in Congress, at this very moment, Joe Biden and the radial left don’t have the votes in the Senate to force their ‘Red Flag’ agenda onto the American people.

That’s why Biden has ordered Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to try to force ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ onto the United States Military — to gauge the support that this legislation has and to see how gun owners like you and me will react!

If this legislation can advance with no real pushback, you can bet that China Joe Biden will resume his push for this legislation in the Senate with everything he’s got.

But Pelosi and Schumer aren’t stupid. They stuck this ‘Red Flag’ legislation deep in the bowels of the 1,300+ page long National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4350), the annual budget bill for the U.S. Military.

As we told you recently, this legislation has ALREADY PASSED through the House of Representatives and is currently awaiting floor action in the Senate. That’s why Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith need to hear from you immediately!

Tell Klobuchar and Smith: Hands Off Our Military

As you likely already know, ‘Red Flag’ laws allow almost anyone to make up a complaint against you (or in this case, a member of the military.)

Once that complaint is filed, a judge will consider it in a secret, ex-parte, court proceeding that you (or the military member in question) won’t know about and won’t be allowed to attend!

And if the judge agrees with the prosecutor and person who filed the complaint against you, your guns would be confiscated by force before you’ve ever set foot in a courtroom!

Worst of all, you would lose your gun rights and your ability to defend yourself before you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of anything at all, crushing your due process rights!

But for our brave men and women in the military, it would also mean the end of their careers, too. After all, it’s pretty hard to fight in the United States ‘armed’ forces if you have been disarmed by a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ order. 

Tell Klobuchar and Smith: Hands Off Our Military! 

The only reason this legislation made it over to the Senate in the first place is because of the shocking betrayal that we saw from select Republicans in the House who voted for this garbage!

You see, Pelosi didn’t want to pass this legislalation without bi-partisan support. She didn’t want the blame for ‘Red Flag’ laws to fall on the Democrats alone. So she went looking for Republicans to aid her.

Sadly, Minnesota moderates gave Pelosi exactly what she wanted when Pete Stauber voted in favor of this garbage!

(This betrayal of our military, of our Second Amendment, and of our due process rights is outrageous. Feel free to let your Congressmen know how you feel. Pete Stauber’s contact info is here.)

Now this fight has moved to the Senate. And that’s why Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith need to hear from you immediately.

Klobuchar and Smith have a decision to make. Will they attack our military members on the Senate floor with ‘Red Flag’ laws and risk their parties’ majority?

You see, while MN’s Democrat Senators may be entrenched, many Dem Senators (Like Georgia’s Raphael Warnock, etc) are not. So pushing this vote on the floor may cost weak Democrats their seats and Biden his Senate in 2022.

Tell Klobuchar and Smith: Hands Off Our Military

Remember, if Biden can get this legislation passed and cripple our military with unconstitutional gun seizure orders it will give him momentuem to try to pass his primary bill in the Senate, instituting ‘Red Flag’ laws nationwide! 

This entire thing, Biden’s entire gun control agenda, is a game of dominoes. If Biden can get a gun control win somewhere, his team knows that that will lead to more and more victories.

We must crush him here, with H.R. 4350, just like we did with David Chipman. We can’t let up for a moment! So take action NOW!

After you’ve signed your petition, you have the option to donate to help us keep fighting against ‘Red Flag’ laws in Congress and right here in the state legislature.

No one is fighting harder than we are to crush this garbage — so please make a donation to help us keep our foot on the politicians’ necks!


When you’re done, please forward this email to every gun owner you know so they can take action. Remind them that this clearly isn’t a Democrat v. Republican issue anymore. They can’t just ‘hope for the best.’ They need to take a stand NOW!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. Joe Biden knows that if he can force ‘Red Flag’ laws into the United States military through H.R. 4350, it will give him momentum to try to pass the bill nationwide!

And with the bill having already passed the House two weeks ago — thanks to ‘YES’ votes from Pete Stauber — this fight has moved to the Senate.  

Tell Klobuchar and Smith: Hands Off Our Military! ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws in the military will allow our brave men and women in uniform to be disarmed and thrown out of the military through secret court hearings they won’t know about, and before they’ve been convicted of anything!

Once you’ve signed your petition, make a donation today to help us keep fighting against ‘Red Flag’ laws in Congress and right here in Minnesota!