Constitutional Carry, the Next Step

The fight for Constitutional Carry is NOT over. Not even close. As we said in our last email, HF188 (the weak version of Constitutional Carry) has been scuttled by House leadership. But now isn’t the time to back off. HF309, the rock-solid Constitutional Carry bill by Representative Cal Bahr, is very much alive and well, waiting to be passed out of the Public Safety Committee and sent to the Rules

Gun-Owner ALERT: Constitutional Carry Hearing Results

I wish I had better news to report. As you know, grassroots support for Representative Cal Bahr’s rock-solid Constitutional Carry bill (HF309) has been SURGING across the state for the last several weeks. Minnesota Gun Rights’ members and supporters like you spent weeks filling out petitions, making phone calls and sending emails into the Public Safety Committee demanding a hearing and vote on Constitutional Carry legislation (HF309). That’s why we were concerned when