H.F. 309

Constitutional Carry Needs Your Help!

It’s crunch time. Ever since the legislature gaveled in on January 3, Minnesota Gun Rights and gun owners across the state have been beating the drum for Constitutional Carry. After Representative Cal Bahr (R-31B) introduced House File 309, gun owners went to work contacting their legislators demanding support and co-sponsorship of Constitutional Carry. Because of all of your phone calls and emails in the last weeks, what started out as

Why is Chairman Cornish STALLING Constitutional Carry?

Is the supposedly “pro-Second Amendment” Chairman of the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee trying to sweep Constitutional Carry (H.F. 309) under the rug? After all the momentum you and I have generated over the past few weeks for Constitutional Carry, I sincerely hope not. After all, this is the first time in Minnesota history Constitutional Carry has had companion bills introduced in BOTH houses of our legislature. And thanks to