STOP H.R. 5087

If Dianne Feinstein gets her way, every single “semiauto” handgun, rifle, and shotgun in the country will be BANNED!

Just last week, H.R. 5087 was introduced in the United States Congress. H.R. 5087 mimics S. 2095, the Feinstein Gun Ban, otherwise known as an “assault weapons ban”.

We’ve got to make sure NONE of our MN Congressmen cave to the gun-grabbers and cosponsor H.R. 5087.

With these bills picking up steam over the last few weeks, it’s vital we push back hard in DC.

That’s why Minnesota Gun Rights is collecting signed petitions AGAINST the Feinstein Gun Ban RIGHT NOW!

We’ll deliver your signed petition to your Congressman as well as to our Minnesota Senators Klobuchar and Smith.

Please click here or below to sign your petition AGAINST the Feinstein Gun Ban today.

With Second Amendment battles raging in St Paul and DC, Minnesota Gun Rights is keeping an eye on every battle, and reporting back what we know.

Please keep maximum pressure on your elected officials at all times.

We see it time and again, when tragedy strikes like it did in Florida last month, the gun-grabbers use every angle, every fake statistic, and maximum pressure to slash into the Second Amendment.

We cannot let them win.

Please forward this email to family and friends to get them involved in the fight!

For Freedom,

Minnesota Gun Rights

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