Stand Up for Stand-Your-Ground in Minnesota!

As Lee County Deputy Dean Bardes lay flat on his back on the side of the interstate being pummeled to the point of near unconsciousness by Edward Strother, he begged an armed citizen who stopped to offer help to shoot the suspect.

Seconds later, the vicious attack on Deputy Bardes was ended as Ashad Russell opened fire with his lawfully carried concealed pistol, striking Strother three times in the chest.

Another victory for Stand-Your-Ground law in Florida.

And a stark reminder of why we need to see Stand-Your-Ground become law here in Minnesota!

You see, in Minnesota you and I are expected to retreat from a violent encounter – not defend ourselves and our loved ones.

Sure, it’s utter madness, and would only result in law abiding citizens being hurt worse by an armed suspect – but nonetheless, that is what is expected of you and me.

In Florida, the very first state to enact Stand-Your-Ground law, the state Attorney General’s Office ruled just last week that this shooting was justified, saying Russel had a legal right to stand his ground under Florida law.

Of course, Florida is far from the only state that has a Stand-Your-Ground law, as dozens of states have enacted this crucial legislation over the years.

Please help us add Minnesota to that list by signing the petition in the link below.

You see, once passed into law, Stand-Your-Ground law would simply state that you and I no longer have to retreat in the face of a violent criminal attack before taking action to defend ourselves or our loved ones.

It would also state that unless you are convicted in a criminal court, you would be unable to be taken to civil court and bankrupted in the process.

What’s more, Stand-Your-Ground law is on the move all over the upper Midwest!

It was passed into law late last year in Missouri.

In Iowa, our sister organization, Iowa Gun Owners, has made this their singular mission for 2017 and have already amassed a breathtaking 24 co-sponsors on this crucial legislation.

It’s time that Minnesota do the same!

It’s time our legislators take action to defend law abiding gun owners by passing Stand-Your-Ground!

So please, sign your petition to your State Representative and Senator telling them to PASS Stand-Your-Ground law!

Liberal media here in St Paul and across the country start screaming anytime a legislator even mentions a Stand-Your-Ground law.

Usually they trot out their tired and worn out excuses, saying Stand-Your-Ground law negatively impacts the minority population.

But the facts are not on their side as we plainly saw in Deputy Bardes ordeal in Florida.

The violent criminal who so nearly killed Deputy Bardes was a black man.

The law abiding citizen, Ashad Russell, who rose to the occasion and saved Deputy Bardes’ life by shooting Strother three times in the chest, was also a black man.

You see, it doesn’t matter what color a violent criminal is when he tries to assault or kill you and your loved ones.

You only want to stop him from taking everything you have and everything you’re ever going to have.

That’s why Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott praised Russell and called him a “hero” for saving Deputy Bardes’ life!

But until you and I pass Stand-Your-Ground law here in Minnesota, we’re sitting ducks in the face of a county prosecutor looking to make a name for themselves in a politically motivated trial.

Help us end this by signing your petition today in support of Stand-Your-Ground law.

Once you’ve signed, please help us fight for Stand-Your-Ground with your most generous contribution of $250.

Nobody fights harder in St Paul than Minnesota Gun Rights for your second amendment freedoms.

Nobody fights harder door-to-door, house-to-house at election time exposing anti-gun legislators than Minnesota Gun Rights.

And nobody is more active on the ground here in St Paul than Minnesota Gun Rights!

But we can’t do it alone.

So if $250 is just too much of a stretch, please consider a contribution of $100, $50, $25 or at least $10.

Every penny you send us will be put right to the fight to make Stand-Your-Ground law a reality here in Minnesota.

Thank you for whatever you can do!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. When Ashad Russell opened fire on Edward Strother – as he was moments away from killing Lee County deputy Dean Bardes – he did so knowing he did not have a duty to retreat because of Florida’s Stand-Your-Ground law!

It’s because of that law that the State Attorney General’s office just announced that no charges will be filed against Mr Russell for his heroic actions.

Sadly, here in Minnesota you and I are vulnerable to anti-gun prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves until we pass Stand-Your-Ground law!

This has got to change!

So please help us by signing your petition in support of Stand-Your-Ground law IMMEDIATELY!

When you’re done, please consider making a generous contribution in the amount of $250, $100, $50, $25 or even $10 to help us pour on the pressure for Stand-Your-Ground!

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