St Paul: Gun Control Vote Incoming!

We have an all-out emergency on our hands, and I need your help IMMEDIATELY if we’re to be successful at saving our Second Amendment!

Just recently I explained how Senator John Marty (D-SD66) and State Representative Alice Hausman (D-HD66A) had teamed up to introduce a 4-pack of the worst gun control bills in Minnesota history.

After the recent mass shooting by a deranged criminal in Buffalo, New York, the Leftists are trying to seize the opportunity they’ve been looking for! 

Here, in the waning days of the 2022 legislative session, we’re hearing from sources inside the capitol that House Speaker Melissa Hortman is debating holding a vote and ramming H.F. 4013 and H.F. 4014 through her chamber and forcing our weak Senate GOP to take the bills up or face Leftist wrath in November!  


With Senate Republicans vowing not to pass any PRO-GUN bills and cowering in their offices, the House could pass this legislation at any moment and box the Senate into a corner.

And as we all know, our communist Governor Tim Walz would sign any gun control that lands on his desk in order to gain votes from his urban DFL base in Minneapolis and St Paul.

Putting pressure on the state Senate may be our last real chance to stop this horrific agenda.

And with time running out on the 2022 Session of the Minnesota Legislature, there’s no time to waste.

That’s why I’m asking you very directly to make an emergency financial contribution right now — whether that’s $250, $100, $50 or even $25 – to help us slam the breaks on these bills and buy the time needed for session to adjourn.

Kathryn, a Senate vote is likely to come down to just a handful of State Senators . . .

And you and I both know they’re getting an earful from Michael Bloomberg’s slick lobbyists even as I write you.

But while they mouth carefully crafted talking points about “public safety,” the truth about Senator John Marty’s “NUCLEAR GUN CONTROL” bills is far different.

As I’ve told you already, S.F.3377/S.F.3378 and H.F. 4013/H.F. 4014 would obliterate our Second Amendment freedoms forever because they would:

  1. BAN all magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition
  2. OUTLAW all 50. cal or bigger firearms and ammunition
  3. FORCE registration of ALL firearms in Minnesota
  4. BAN all “home built” firearms in Minnesota
  5. BAN all firearms without serial numbers for tracking
  6. REQUIRE a physical test for firearms ownership
  7. REQUIRE mental health tests to own or carry a firearm
  8. LIMIT firearms purchases to 1 gun every 30 days
  9. REQUIRE liability insurance to carry a firearm
  10. MAKE it a crime to carry a gun past “no guns allowed” signs
  11. BAN open carry of ANY firearm, making it a crime
  12. FORCE you to lock all your firearms in an “approved” safe
  13. CREATE a database of every firearm and firearm owner in MN
  14. ELIMINATE permit reciprocity with ALL other states
  15. FORCE a criminal background check on ALL firearms transfer
  16. BAN firearm carry in ANY state/local public building


But without your IMMEDIATE action, I’m afraid this could soon be the reality in Minnesota — unless you and I turn up the heat FAST!

With every member of the Minnesota State House AND Senate up for reelection this year, many politicians in BOTH parties are nervous about losing their seats.

If we can prove to them that voting against our gun rights could cost them their political careers, we can win!

But we’re going to have to pull out all the stops to do it.  That means mail, email, social media, Internet ads and even radio spots if I can afford to run them.

All of this won’t be cheap.  And it all has to be done very quickly.  That’s why I’m counting on your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10 TODAY.


Please act at once!

For Minnesota,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. With House passage possible and pressure mounting for a full showdown on the State Senate floor over Senator John Marty’s ”NUCLEAR GUN CONTROL BILLS”, there’s no time to waste.

Minnesota Gun Rights is launching a MASSIVE, end-of-session fight to shut these bills down and run the clock out before a vote can take place!

So please consider making a generous financial contribution right now — whether that’s $250, $100, $50 or even $25 of $10 – to help us do battle on your behalf.